Founded: 1998

Headquarters: Vienna, Austria

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  • [[Charhizm
  • [[Morr Musi



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Austrian-born Bernhard Fleischmann creates emotion drenched compositions from cold and sterile electronic equipment. As one of the main attractions for the niche-based [[Morr Musi, Fleschmann is expected to do just that, compose music using elements of [[electronic, glitch and [[techn but with heart and soul. His ear for subtle melodies takes hold of each song, as they weave skillfully in and out of the remaining white noise. While his first outings were mainly glitch based, more recent material shows a tendency to be more post-rock oriented than anything. His use of mostly analog instrumentation as of late supports this claim.



  • [[Pop Loops for Breakfast:B. Fleischmann|Pop Loops for Breakfas 1999 ([[Morr Musi/[[Charhizm)
  • [[A Choir of Empty Beds:B. Fleischmann|A Choir of Empty Bed 2000 (Fuzzy Box)
  • TMP (live) 2001 ([[Charhizm)
  • [[Welcome Tourist:B. Fleischmann|Welcome Touris 2003 ([[Morr Musi)
  • The Humbucking Coil 2006 ([[Morr Musi)


  • [[Sidonie:B. Fleischmann|Sidoni 1999 ([[Morr Musi)


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