Artist: Ming and FS

Date Released: June 22, 2004

Label: Spun

Produced By:


  1. Fish Eyes
  2. Back to One feat. Napoleon Solo
  3. 50ft Mole Man
  4. Slang Verbs
  5. Starts Somewhere
  6. Draw
  7. Big Little Jeffrey
  8. Skills and Grace feat. Napoleon Solo
  9. Chester Goes to Town
  10. 2092 feat. Napoleon Solo
  11. Nadia


While trip-hop may not be the best genre label here, the solid combination of drum & bass and hip-hop seemed not to fit under any other specific genre title. Self-described as “junkyard,” the style also includes hints of dub, groove, jungle and electro. The duo, extremely talented DJ/producers who are known for their turntable and re-mix skills, are based in New York where they run a label/studio Madhattan and have re-mixed material for everyone from The Notorious B.I.G. to DJ Spooky. The most notable characteristic of this album is the song structure. Right out of the school of Prefuse 73, the songs endure so many changes that you hear something fresh every time you listen. The album as a whole is solid, though there are a few tracks that do not quite reach the same level as the rest (notably #7). With the strong out of MC Napoleon Solo, Ming and FS are able to proudly place the 'hop' behind the 'trip' and complete the label. Michael Ardaiolo

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