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Founded: 1977

Headquarters: Washington, CD / New York, NY

Website Link(s): Fan Site



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Bad Brains are considered the founders of Hardcore Punk, and one of the most influential punk bands, along with acts like [[The Ramone and [[Black Fla. They've broken up and reformed a few times throughout their career and are currently still going. They started out as a Jazz band, then formed into a punk band, though their interest in Rastafarianism drew them to experiment with [[Regga as well. They were also early boosters of [[Henry Rollin, encouraging him to sing with them even before he formed [[State Of Aler or joined [[Black Fla. For legal reasons, they briefly toured as [[Soul Brain.



  • [[Black Dots:Bad Brains|Black Dot
  • [[Bad Brains:Bad Brains|Bad Brain
  • [[Rock For Light:Bad Brains|Rock For Ligh
  • [[I Against I:Bad Brains|I Against
  • [[The Youth Are Getting Restless:Bad Brains|The Youth Are Getting Restles
  • [[Live:Bad Brains|Liv
  • [[Quickness:Bad Brains|Quicknes
  • [[Rise:Bad Brains|Ris
  • [[God Of Love:Bad Brains|God Of Lov
  • A Bad Brains Reunion Live From Maritime Hall
  • I And I Survived


  • [[The Omega Sessions:Bad Brains|The Omega Session
  • [[Spirit Electricity:Bad Brains|Spirit Electricit


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  • [[Wikipedia:Bad Brain[[Category: Artis

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