Date Released: May 6, 2003

Label: SpinART / Mute

Produced By:


  1. Enemyline
  2. Should I
  3. Try Me Out
  4. Nothin New
  5. Anamoy
  6. Think Twice
  7. Driving Manual Auto
  8. Moi
  9. A. S. A. To Accuracy
  10. ?
  11. 3AM
  12. Go (live)
  13. Should I (live)
  14. Try Me Out (live)
  15. A.S.A. To Accuracy (live)
  16. Trailous (live)
  17. Should I (video)

(reissue on Mute adds tracks 12-17)


This album came out last year, but it was re-issued in the UK this year, so that's close enough for me. This is noise-pop that's really great. They actually tour the US a lot, especially the west coast. Which is surprising, since they're from Norwich, UK. Catch them live if you can, but if you can't, pick up Band Red, their latest record. It's excellent. You've Seen Us, You Must Have Seen Us is also great. I'm not sure which is better, though. Depends on my mood, I think. I do tend to go back to You've Seen Us, You Must Have Seen Us more though. This was the first record from when KaitO changed their name to, although I do believe they've changed it back to KaitO. - Rev. Syung Myung Me

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