File:Barbiegirl4 200.jpg
File:"Barbie Girl" - Aqua

Barbie Girl features Lene Nystrøm Rasted as Barbie and René Dif as Ken in a cartoon-inspired visual. He invites her to a party, but it's hard to convince her because she rather likes to spend time skating, listening to music, swimming, kissing her horse or just fooling around. After riding the car, they finally arrive to the party. Søren and Claus are the orchestra men. Two friends of Barbie and Ken arrive. René accidentally takes out Lene's plastic arm, but she eventually forgives him and the arm can be replaced. Barbie & Ken end kissing.

This video has been controversial discussed because of Mattel complaining this song to be a sexual aspect to the Barbie doll. The lyrics say to kiss and touch Barbie everywhere and put this song in a totally different meaning

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