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Founded: 2000

Headquarters: Raleigh, NC

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  • [[Bluegras
  • [[Alt. Countr


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Barefoot Manner is a five-piece musical group whose sound is heavily rooted in high energy [[newgras, soul shaking funk, and musical experimentation on all levels. The Boys of Barefoot Manner have an overwhelming passion for making music, stirring it up really fast, and mixing in some positive [[regga and Caribbean vibes. The music has been labeled everything from Americana Groove-grass to Cosmic Funk-grass, to bluegrass and beyond. Essentially, the music of Barefoot Manner is an original blend of [[bluegras instrumentation in a genre-free world. Each live show is a new experience for both the band and its fans and the Manner Men strive for perfection and uniqueness in the music they create.





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