Basin Street Blues "is a song by pianist and composer Spencer Williams from 1926 that often played by dixieland orchestras.

The composer called the song to the neighborhood where he served as youth lived with his aunt in Mahogany Hall , one of the best known brothels of Storyville, the infamous red light district of the French quarter in the early-20th-century New Orleans. Spencer's aunt was the notorious ' madame Lulu White '. When Spencer wrote the song was already eleven years ' Storyvillered light district' no more. The name of Basin Street was changed by the municipal councillors in North Saratoga Street because they wanted to erase all memories of the old Storyville preferably. In 1946, following the success of the song, the street got its original name back.

Usually as a lyricist, composer, Spencer called Williams. According to trombonist and vocalist Jack Teagarden and Glenn Miller he also had their share of both the melody as the text of the later added chorus and some verses.

The song was published in 1926 and made famous with a recording of Louis Armstrong from 1928. The famous lines of verse with the text "Won't you come along with me/To the Mississippi River..." were later added by Jack Teagardenand Glenn Miller . Trumpeter and singer Armstrong sings in the 1928 version of scat vocals are accompanied by his six-member band. The song was in the original 12-m blues run.

Jack Teagarden recorded the song several times so that it is associated with him still. The 1931 recording along with The Charleston Chasers was one of the best known.


  • Louis Armstrong introduced the song in 1928. However, it was not an instant hit, what with a new recording from 1938 did.
  • The Charleston Chasers (led by Benny Goodman), 1931, with Jack Teagarden: No. 14 in the charts
  • Benny Goodman and His Orchestra, 1934, no. 14
  • Bing Crosby and Connee Boswell, 1937, no. 12
  • Louis Armstrong and His Hot Five, 1938, no. 20

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