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beFour is a German pop group founded in Cologne. The members were cast for the television show beFour: Das Star-Tagebuch ("The Star Diary"), which has been broadcast daily at 14:20 for three months. The first single "Magic Melody" is a cover version of the song "Around The World" by ATC, that is a cover of the song "Pesenka", originally sung by the Russian band Ruki Vverh! in 1998. The single "No Limit" is a remake of the same song by 2 Unlimited.[1][2]


 [hide*1 Band members

Band members[edit]Edit

Manou (Born February 18 1984 in Wil (Aargau)Switzerland) had her first stage experience when she was 18. In New York, she studied

[1]From left to right: Angel, Manou, Alina and Dan

dance, acting and music.[3]

Alina B.[edit]Edit

Alina (born November 2 1984 in Geilenkirchen) took piano lessons from the age of 6 and is an actress-in-training.[4]

Dan M.[edit]Edit

Dan (born December 17 1987 in Berlin) is a German actor. Before joining beFour he was a competitive athlete.[5]


Angel (born February 21 1982 in Velbert) is a German dancer and trained banker. He had several appearances in music videos, for example Jessica Wahls (known from No Angels) - "Du bist wie Ich" ("You are Like Me").[6]



Year Title Chart ranking[7]
2007 All 4 One 1 2 1
2007 Hand In Hand (The Winter Album) 10 3 13
2008 We Stand United
  • Release date: April 18, 2008
  • Sales: +100.000 (Golden record)[10]
10 4 10
2009 Friends 4 Ever
  • Release date: February 6, 2009
  • Sales:
7 6 9


Year Title Chart ranking[11] Album
2007 "Magic Melody" 16 11 14 49 All 4 One
2007 "How Do You Do?" / "All 4 One" 12 5 11 30
2007 "Little, Little Love" 27 30 27 176
2007 "Hand In Hand" 27 8 73 152 Hand in Hand (The Winter Album)
2008 "Live Your Dream" 16 17 29 - We Stand United
2009 "No Limit" 21 13 29 72 Friends 4 Ever
2009 "Ding-A-Dong" 61 - - -


  • beFour: der Film! (Release date: September 28, 2007)[12]


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