Artist: Paul Duncan

Date Released: October 18, 2005

Label: Hometapes

Produced By:


  1. In a Way
  2. Tired and Beholden
  3. The Night Gives No Applause
  4. Toy Bell
  5. You Look Like an Animal
  6. Toy Piano
  7. Manhattan Shuffle
  8. Toy Bass
  9. Oil in the Fields
  10. (Aria)(Cave Song)
  11. Content to Burn
  12. This Old House
  13. Riverbed


Paul Duncan's first full-length for the Miami-based Hometapes is a patient array of delicate musical arrangements and sparse, murmured vocals. The Brooklynite via Atlanta composes very humble productions that feature a variety of acoustic instruments interlaced with soft electronics. The music takes center stage throughout though never overloads the listener, instead each song lets the core melody breathe and mature in a timely fashion. In fact, the instrumentals that make up about half the album are as strong if not stronger than the lyrical songs. Following the music, the multi-instrumental Duncan sings in an unassuming voice that borders between mutters and drunken slurs. His lyrics follow a poetic free-form structure, that are neither boringly straight-ahead or confusingly abstract, instead they come off as pleasantly intriguing to the listener, especially since they are only sprinkled throughout the 45-minute album. His closest contemporary has got to be the similarly soft-spoken José González, but he also sways rather closely to more folky experimental singer/songwriters like n. Lannon and Jim O'Rourke. Be Careful What You Call Home is an excellent debut for Duncan and hopefully is only the beginning for this promising artist. Mpardaiolo

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