Artist: eels

Date Released: August 13, 1996

Label: Dreamworks

Produced By: E & Michael Simpson


  1. Novocaine For The Soul
  2. Susan's House
  3. Rags To Rags
  4. Beautiful Freak
  5. Not Ready Yet
  6. My Beloved Monster
  7. Flower
  8. Guest List
  9. Mental
  10. Spunky
  11. Your Lucky Day In Hell
  12. Manchild


The first eels record is better than E's earlier solo records, but still strikes me as a little uneven. Some oustanding songs on here (the first four tracks; "My Beloved Monster", "Spunky", "Manchild"), but some filler in the middle, too. It's not quite the level of say, Electro-Shock Blues or Souljacker. Still, though, it's a fine record, and one that I enjoy quite a bit. It's definitely worth checking out, but I like E's later stuff better. - Rev. Syung Myung Me

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