File:Beautifulliar8 200.jpg
File:"Beautiful Liar" - Beyonce & Shakira

Beautiful Liar features Beyoncé and Shakira in separate cuts. It begins with the women's faces masked by smoke. As the video progresses they are featured against several different backgrounds, including: dawn (Knowles) and dusk (Shakira); sheets blown in the wind; bamboo covered in yellow orchids; a room with blue neon lighting and Avestan writing on the walls; and finally a background of stormy weather. Slow dance moves and belly dancing, during a breakdown after the bridge, are featured heavily throughout the video. The women wear matching hairstyles and black outfits for the entirety of video.

The choreography was done spontaneously, rehearsing the routines in forty minutes. Beyoncé learned some of the choreography from Shakira, who created most, and taught her a few belly dancing moves.

The video was nominated for Video Of The Year at the 2007 BET Awards and it won the 2007 MTV Video Music Award for Most Earthshattering Collaboration.

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