File:Beautifulstranger8 200.jpg
File:"Beautiful Stranger" - Madonna

Beautiful Stranger begins with Austin Powers (Mike Myers) being assigned to catch a spy who is "a master in disguise". According to Austin's boss Basil Exposition (Michael York) who has a cameo in the video, Madonna (the spy) was responsible for the death of both 007 and 008. Austin heads to a club where Madonna is dancing. While watching her perform a sexy dance on stage, Austin begins to have fantasies about him and Madonna in his car, with Madonna licking Austin's face, rubbing against him with her jacket open, and wiggling her ass at Austin. The videos ends with the two driving away, and Austin failing to complete his mission as he has fallen in love with Madonna. The video also features cameos by Dr. Evil and the little clone Mini-Me who is seen dancing in the club.

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