Artist: KAYO

Album: Braided Cord Heroine

Appears On (Mixes):

Song Notes: As I Listen Review: This one's with Hiro. So far, the opening guitar actually sounds a little Residential/early-XTC-y (I'm writing this as I'm listening to it for the first time). This is also a little bit more J-Pop after the intro guitar. KAYO's singing is still unprocessed, but not nearly as raspy as on the title track, so I'm thinking that was just a thing she was doing for that one song. So far, everything is pretty cool. I like J-Pop typically anyway, but I like this better because you can tell that she's actually playing with the form. The Residential/XTC Guitar comes back during the chorus, which is pretty amusing. Lots of drum machines and some synth noises. So far, this is really not what I was expecting (either POLYSICS or Classical-Style Piano-Type Stuff from what Darkrow said about KAYO being trained in that sorta thing. But I'm thinking (especially since Hiro's all over this EP) that this is NOT a sign that she's thinking of quitting the band and going out solo, and more of just a way to do things that would totally not work in POLYSICS' style. Just a way to stretch out and experiment with things a bit more. Also, both Hiro and Fumi are on this one, along with Akinori Suzuki from Spoozys on keys. - Rev. Syung Myung Me


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