Bennie Krueger (Newark17 July 1899 - Orange (New Jersey)July 29, 1967) was an American alto saxophonistcomposer and big band leader in theChicago-jazz and popular music.

Krueger played around 1920 as a saxophone player with it on different plates of the Original Dixieland Jazz Band and was thus one of the first saxophonists whose game on the gramophone record was set. He himself was a band, with which he in the following years as a theatre-and especially dance orchestra played in Chicago. With his group, he is also the author of numerous plates on for all kinds of record labels (including Brunswick andMCA), under his own name and several pseudonyms. He also worked for radio stations. In the 1930s he worked as a conductor for Rudy Vallee andBing Crosby. Krueger is a composer of the jazz standard "Sunday".

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