Bennett Lester Carter (New York City (New York), 1907 - August 8, Los Angeles (California), July 12, 2003) was an African American jazz musician , best known assaxophonisttrumpetercomposerarranger and big band leader. He was a leading figure in the jazz over a period of almost 60 years (from the 30 's to the 90 's) and was by many fellow musicians described as King.

Carter lived In his youth in Harlem, near Bubber Miley who is one of the star was Duke Ellington 's Trumpet players. Carter was inspired by Miley and bought a trumpet. But when he noticed that he was not so talented like Miley he bought a saxophone.

He began to play professionally on its 15th. He made his first recordings in 1927 and the following year he formed his first big band. In 1930 and 1931 , he played withFletcher Henderson, after which he returned again with his own band. In addition, he made arrangements for Henderson and Duke Ellington in those years and he wrote hits like Blues In My Heart and When Lights Are Low. At the beginning of 1930 he and Johnny Hodges were seen as the principal alto sax players of that time. Carter was also a solo trumpeter. From 1930 he intensively began recording songs on the trumpet.

In 1935 he moved to Europe where he was the principal arranger for the BBC Dance Orchestra and he took several albums on. He went back to America in 1938 and took over the lead a big band and a sextet before he in 1943 went to Los Angeles to write songs for film productions. Carter remained to continue to write and act in the 90 's. He wrote under more numbers for Louis ArmstrongRay CharlesPeggy Lee , Ella Fitzgeraldand Sarah Vaughan. His biggest hit was " Cow Cow Boogie, which he wrote in 1942with Don Raye and Gene DePaul for Ella Mae Morse.

Benny Carter died at age 95 in Los Angeles from complications of bronchitis.

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