Belgrade's Union (Serbian Cyrillic: Belgrade Syndicate, English: Belgrade Syndicate) is a Serbian hip-hop group from Belgrade, Serbia.  Group was formed on March 21, 1999, by uniting two underground hip-hop groups, "Red Dragon "(Order of the Dragon) and" TUMZ "(

Microphone Technology Management and Knowledge)  together with solo artists, MC Flex (Feda) and Head of Sale. Prota and DJ IRon joined the group in 2004 and 2006 respectfully. It currently consists of eleven members. They have released three albums, first one highly acclaimed and marked the beginning of second wave of Serbian hip hop. [Citation needed] 





2001: BSSST...Tišinčina

2002: Govedina

2005: Svi Zajedno

2006: Oni su

2010: Diskretni Heroji

Solo albums

2003: Škabo - Sam

2005: PKS (Škabo & Nadica) - PVO

2007: Šef Sale - Prvi Udar

2008: Škabo - Remek Delo

2009: Škabo - Deset Dina Glasa Na Matrici

2010: Škabo - Muzika za demonstracije

2011: Šef Sale - Ritam mog grada

2011: Škabo - Čovek (EP)

2011: Škabo - Vuk (EP)

2012: Škabo - Beskonačno

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