Berlin Airlift was a popular Boston band in the early 1980s whose name refers both to frontman Rick Berlin's surname and the Allied mission to fly food and supplies to blockaded West Berlin in 1948-1949. In 1981, Boston radio stations played two songs from the band, "Over The Hill" and "Don't Stop Me From Crying," and that eventually led to a recording contract with Handshake/CBS Records and the release of their eponymous debut album Berlin Airlift. Six weeks after the release, Handshake Records declared bankruptcy, and the album died in infancy.[1]

In 1983 the band released Professionally damaged, a six-song EP featuring "Hunger Strikes" which was the number one local song of 1983 on Boston radio station WBCN.

The demise of Handshake Records and other difficulties led to the breakup of Berlin Airlift in 1984. In 1985, Rick Berlin and Steven Paul Perry formed Rick Berlin: The Movie.



  1. Rick Berlin, The Awful Truth About Rick Berlin

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