The Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra is a Symphony Orchestra of world German name that was founded in 1882. Since 1887 Berliner Philharmonisches OrchesterOrchestra is called officially, but on record and CD recordings is called the Orchestra Berliner Philharmoniker.

After a modest beginning took the Orchestra under the conductors Hans von BülowArthur Nikisch and Hans Richter . Soon came composers such as Edvard GriegRichard Strauss and Gustav Mahler their works at this Orchestra. One with the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra under Nikisch made the first commercial recording of an orchestra,Beethoven's Fifth Symphony. In 1923, the legendary Wilhelm Furtwängler . Bruno Walter In the 1920s had a private concert series annually with the Orchestra. After the second world war could not immediately return to Berlin Furtwängler. Leo Borchard short time led the Orchestra In 1945. After Borchard was accidentally shot, took the Romanian conductor Sergiu Celibidache to 1952 on his baton. Furtwängler conducted the Berlin Philharmonic again between 1952 until his death in 1954.

Because there is no concert hall in post-war Berlin destroyed more existed, there were concerts in the Titania-Palast and also in a former ice rink. In 1963 came the Berliner Philharmonie Concert Hall designed by Hans Scharoun completed concert hall, a pentagonal. The concert hall is bright yellow. The Orchestra sat in the middle of the public for the first time, that could take a seat around the Orchestra. This concert hall was built in a tent shape and was nicknamed Karajani ' Circus ', named after the conductor (Herbert von Karajan) which conducted the Orchestra from the 1930s. This type of room got world wide. The Hall was hit by fire on May 20, 2008. [1]

From 1954 to 1989 it played Orchestra, conducted by Herbert von Karajan, with whom he made numerous recordings, also for tv and video. Claudio Abbado succeeded him as Chief conductor. He performed even more than Karajan modern repertoire. In 2002 the British conductor Simon Rattle named to new Chief conductor. Under his leadership, the Orchestra was in 2004 completely independent of the city state of Berlin.Over the years, many guest conductors made their appearance with the Orchestra, including the Dutch Bernard Haitink and Edo de Waart.

To the sound and the game of the Orchestra include the enormous precision, the unity of approach and the beautiful interplay on the Orchestra could sound sometimes Under Karajan. fairly bright, with penetratingtrumpet game and aggressive timpani, but one may as well very warm and mild. Several members of the Orchestra are also known as soloist on their instrument, such as the clarinettist Karl Leister and the flutistsJames Galway and Emmanuel Pahud.


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