Bernie Marsden, full name Bernard John Marsden (Buckingham (Buckinghamshire), 7 may 1951) is an English guitarist best known for his work in Whitesnake besideMicky Moody.

Somewhere at the end of the sixties, he joined his first group Skinny Cat. After two years of intensive touring with that group got an audition with Bernie group UFO (band)where he played from november 1972 to June 1973 when he was replaced by Michael Schenker. There is just one single recorded with Bernie (Give it the Gun). After some session work with Chick Churchill and Bridget St. John , he joined the group Wild Turkey from June 1973 to april 1974.

Bernie may occur than to Cozy Powell's Hammer that currently have a hit with ' Dance with the Devil '. There are two singles ' The man in Black ' and ' Na Na Na '.

So it is time for a new group, this time is that Babe Ruth (rock band). With this band takes Marsden Steelin' the LPS ' Home ' and ' kid's Stuff ' on.

In March 1976, however, he joined the Deep Purple offshoot Paice, Ashton & Lord around ex-Purple members Jon Lord (keyboards) and Ian Paice (drums) complemented by singer/keyboardist Tony Ashton. Ashtons drinking problems do Lord and Ashton think of a reunion with ex-Purple David Coverdale in order to assist Ashton in his vocals. When Coverdale refuses, the group quickly broke up.

As it seems that Marsden will join Paul McCartney 's Wings but it is for itself in its very first incarnation of which Marsden Coverdale Whitesnake. Later, bizarrely Lord and Paice follow to what most followers to form the classic Whitesnake occupation. Marsden is a composer of many songs (among other things the later re-recorded: US number-one single "Here I go Again") and should even take over the founder of Pendragon in ' Free Flight '. During his stay with Whitesnake takes Marsden 2 solo LP's on: ' Look at me now "and" And about time too "that especially on the Japanese market be tasted good.

After leaving Whitesnake trying any with a band called Marsden "Bernie Marsden's SOS" that soon flows into the AOR-tinged Alaska (band) with the Rod Stewart-cloneRobert Hawthorne. The great success and the band split. Try here Neil MurrayMel Galley and Bernie Marsden (all ex-Whitesnake so it as MGM with Totosinger Bobby Kimball but also that story doesn't show any long life. There will follow session work with Andy Taylor (Duran DuranPower Station) and Ian Gillan (Deep Purple)

After several quiet years reunites Marsden himself with his Micky Moody companion in groups like Whitesnake- Moody/MarsdenSnakesCompany of Snakes and MIII (rock band) and he also performs with his own Bernie Marsden Band, with which he also is visiting Belgium and Netherlands in september 2006.



  • 1979-And about time too
  • 1981 – Look at me now
  • 1992-Friday Rock Show Sessions (compilation + extras)
  • 1995-Green and Blues
  • 2003-Big Boy Blue
  • 2005-Big Boy Blue Live
  • 2006-Stacks
  • 2006-Blues & Scales


  • 1973-UFO: The Decca Years (released in 1993)
  • 1973-Chick Churchill: You and Me
  • 1974-Wild Turkey: Don't dare to forget
  • 1974-Bridget St. John: Jumble Queen
  • 1975- Babe Ruth (band) : Stealin' Home
  • 1976 – Babe Ruth (band): Kid's Stuff
  • 1977- Paice, Ashton & Lord : Malice in Wonderland
  • 1977-Paice, Ashton & Lord-Malice in Wonderland (1995 Cd version with bonus)
  • 1977-Paice, Ashton & Lord: BBC Radio One in concert (released in 1993)
  • 1979 – Cozy Powell : Over the Top
  • 1979 – Cozy Powell-The best of (compilation)
  • 1980-K2: Why
  • 1982- Jon Lord -Before I forget
  • 1984- Alaska (rock band) -Heart of the storm
  • 1985-Alaska (rock band)-The Pack
  • 1985-Alaska (rock band)-Anthology (compilation)
  • 1988-Various Artists: Guitar Speak II
  • 1988- Ian Gillan : Magic
  • 1989- Air Pavillion : Kaizoku
  • 1990- Forcefield : Let the wild run free
  • 1990- Perfect Crime : Blonde on Blonde
  • 1990- Headmistress -Born to be wild (single)
  • 1992- Moody/Marsden : Never turn our back on the Blues
  • 1992-Moody/Marsden-The time is right for Live (compilation)
  • 1994- Walter Trout Tellin' Stories:
  • 1994- Borderline : Line Up
  • 1994-Moody/Marsden: Live in Hell (unplugged)
  • 1994-Moody/Marsden: Real Faith
  • 1998-The Snakes: Once Bitten...
  • 1998-The Snakes: Live in Europe
  • 1998-soundtrack: Still Crazy (1 song)
  • 2000-Moody/Marsden: The night the guitars came to play (compilation)
  • 2000 – Company of Snakes : Here they go again
  • 2000-Tribute to Whitesnake-Snakebites
  • 2001- Micky Moody : I eat them for Breakfast
  • 2002 – Company of Snakes: Burst the Bubble
  • 2003- Chris Catena -Freak Out
  • 2006-MIII-Rough and Ready
  • 2008- Jorn -Lonely are the Brave

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