Better days

Album art

Artist: Honest John

Date Released: September 2007

Label: Independent

Produced By: Tony Dupé


  1. [[Two Sides, Honest John]]
  2. [[Parallel Lives, Honest John]]
  3. [[Buried Deep, Honest John]]
  4. [[The Thick Of it, Honest John]]
  5. [[End In Tears, Honest John]]


No, not a desperate stab for pre-election cred by John Howard but a debut EP from a Sydney outfit sharing the same rootsy bloodline as Karma County and King Curly. Cut in producer Tony Dupe's Kangaroo Valley sound bunker (he has worked with Holly Throsby), there's something convincingly real about these mainly down-tempo tunes. Frontman Glen Colley's moody blues seem drawn from experience, not some singer-strummer songbook. Classy, end-of-night acoustica for the Vanguard crowd, in short.
- Jeff Apter (Sydney Morning Herald, 09/11/07)

...And honest is what they are. They veer toward a folk/country sound, but probably owing more to a line somewhere between early Not Drowning and Weddoes, with a touch of Karma County in stuff like The Thick Of It. Glen Colley tells unflash stories in a direct manner, but with a real feeling best described as, erm, honest. Kate Adams (she and Glen previously of the shoulda-been-bigger Trophy Wives) adds quiet keyboard tinkles and maybe not quite enough female counterpoint vocals. Eminently likeable.
- Ross Clelland (Drum Media, Sydney)

I just got (Honest John's) new 5-track EP and it's absolutely excellent. Not earth-shatteringly pushing forward the boundaries of music or anything like that, but there's something about Glen Colley's voice and his songs and the way the band delivers them that gave me the kind of feeling I used to have as a youngster when I discovered for myself people like Neil Young.
-DC Cardwell (

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