BiGG T is a rapper from Charleston, WV, currently residing in of North Charleston, SC. He is the founder of the label Urban Warrior Records


BiGG T was originally from Charleston, WV but he later moved to North Charleston, SC. He had been rapping before he moved to South Carolina, and worked with friend Justinean. He went to school with Kapital K, GAZA and Infamy and in their early years, would freestyle with them.


BiGG T released dozens of songs in 07', including freestyles with Kapital K, Harizzy and GAZA. He did alot of material with Kapital K, including adding him on what was to be one of the anthems of his debut album Comparative Advantage's South-Trap-A-Lina Souljaz.


In 2008, BiGG T dropped his debut album Comparitve Advantage with features from Kapital K, Lil Skinny, Labb and others. He also began working on his to be second album Mr. South-Trap-A-Lina.


In 09' he started working on Mr. South-Trap-A-Lina his 2nd album. He put out a sample CD of the material before it was actually released. Mr. South-Trap-A-Lina was released to iTunes and many other popular music websites, and included features from Andre of V.O.T.S, Fedarro and GAZA. BiGG T started to reach out to more artists including Lil Digga and Maximus in time for his 3rd album Something BIGG, which was released in October 2010.


BiGG T expanded upon Urban Warriors Records, having signed Jay Guapo, MDB, and Kid Chaos (the nephew of Kapital K. They released the compilation Chucktown Collabos, Vol. 1 featuring the radio single Prayin 4 Rain. During this time he would gain a bigger fanbase, having worked with Pastor Troy and Hussein Fatal of The Outlawz. BiGG T has also been confirmed to be a producer on GAZA's debut album Heavens There For Those.


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