Artist: Machine Drum

Date Released: August 2004

Label: Merck

Produced By:


  1. Entrau
  2. Disa Bling
  3. $$Legs
  4. Babbling
  5. Bill O Wads
  6. Stevie Bam Jackson
  7. Worldcomin
  8. Offs
  9. Mltply
  10. Hipsteos
  11. Inner Outer
  12. Wiggle
  13. Wallis & Futuna
  14. Dog Actually
  15. Hollis
  16. Badgerman
  17. Break Stylez
  18. Choech
  19. End of C
  20. Test Yo Strengths
  21. Time Turned Over Itself
  22. Ladle


Merck’s flagship artist at only 22, Travis Stewart aka Machine Drum takes characteristics of hip-hop, glitch, house and soul to create a sound that is as accepted in a club as much as it would be in a late night coffee house. 'Bidnezz,' while being a somewhat consistant outing is exceptionally fractured and sequenced in the vein of Dabrye or early Jamie Lidell. As well, there are particular stand-out tracks like 'Mltply' while others sound like undeveloped ideas that would've benefited more from being fleshed out rather than cut up. Stewart will definitely please the ears of most electronica and more lenient hip-hop heads with 'Bidnezz', but is more likely to find itself in the hands of a fan that is more IDM or breakbeat oriented. Don't get me wrong though, this is a damn fine instrumental album that I would proudly place in between early Prefuse 73 and Squarepusher albums. Hopefully Stewart will progress in the same creative leaps that Herren and Jenkinson did as well. - Michael Ardaiolo

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