Founded: b. 1954

Headquarters: Los Angeles, CA

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  • [[Ogli
  • [[Rhin
  • Asil
  • [[Renaissanc
  • [[Infinite Vision



  • [[Barnes & Barne
  • [[Americ

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  • [[Barnes & Barne
  • [[The Jenerator
  • [[Seduction of the Innocen
  • [[The Be Fiv
  • Redwood


A famous actor with many famous roles, both as a child-star (Will Robinson from Lost In Space, and a couple of Twilight Zone appearances, including the famous one where he wishes people into the Cornfield) and adult star (Lennier from Babylon 5 among many other roles), he's also a comic book creator and musician. Perhaps best known musically as a member of the band [[Barnes & Barne, he's got many solo records out as well as records with other groups (including [[The Jenerator, a rock group, [[Seduction of the Innocen a group comprised of many other comic book creators, and [[The Be Fiv, made up of actors from Babylon 5). Mumy typically doesn't stick to one genre with his music, even within his bands. He's also produced many records, including working with [[Crispin Hellion Glove and [[Wild Man Fische (all produced with his friend and collaborator [[Robert Haime under the "[[Barnes & Barne" name), he's also appeared on many [[Americ recordings and live, also with [[Robert Haime.



  • [[Bill Mumy:Bill Mumy|Bill Mum
  • The Dinosaur Album (with [[Robert Haime)
  • Dying To Be Heard
  • [[Kiss My Boo Boo:Bill Mumy|Kiss My Boo Bo
  • [[In The Current:Bill Mumy|In The Curren
  • Pandora's Box
  • [[After Dreams Come True:Bill Mumy|After Dreams Come Tru
  • [[Ghosts: The Best Of Bill Mumy:Bill Mumy|Ghosts: The Best Of Bill Mum
  • [[Los Angeles Times:Bill Mumy|Los Angeles Time



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