Founded: early 1990s

Headquarters: San Francisco, CA

Website Link(s): Billy Nayer Show


  • [[BS



  • [[The Resident
  • Ween
  • [[They Might Be Giant

Band MembersEdit

  • [[Cory McAbe
  • [[Bobby Luri

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Band BiographyEdit

The Billy Nayer Show was formed as a art group to put out films; the band takes the name from the first film, actually, Billy Nayer. (No one in the band is named Billy Nayer; it is a made-up name.) They've made 3 short films, Billy Nayer, The Ketchup & Mustard Man (the complete soundtrack—dialogue and all—was released as a CD) and The Man in the Moon (shot in Pixelvision). They have completed a feature-length film The American Astronaut as well. Despite their origins, they have many albums out, most of which are unrelated to any of their film projects. They have a very interesting sound, as the lead instrument is the autoharp. [[Cory McAbe is the lead singer and director of the films, and [[Bobby Luri is the drummer and producer of the films.




  • [[Meet The Bunny King:The Billy Nayer Show|Meet the Bunny Kin
  • [[Married To The Sea:The Billy Nayer Show|Married to the Se


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