Bring It On
Demo Tape Artwork
Demo Tape One by Bring It On
Released February 17 2004
Recorded January 2 - February 14 2004
Genre Alternative Metal
Length 4:00
Language English
Label Home Studio
Producer Alez and Cameron
Compiler Terge
SIE's demos in chronology

Bring It On
Who Saiz

Bring It On is Bring It On's (later renamed Something In Existance) only demo tape. They recorded 5 songs before Terge Boyit left the band. Four of them were released on this tape, and the fith was remastered on Who Saiz (the next demo tape). Terge left before they could finish them, so they released 1:00 samples.


# Title Length
1 Help 1:00
2 Mud 1:00
3 War 1:00
4 Hurt 1:00



  • Alez Grohavoulky - Vocals/Rhythm Guitar
  • Cameron Toretez - Backing Vocals/Lead Guitar
  • Terge Boyit - Backing Vocals/Bass Guitar
  • Palmer Forgete - Backing Vocals/Drums


  • Help from Mike Grohavoulky on Bass and Guitar.
  • Help from David Toretez on Bass and Backing Vocals.
  • Help from Ronald Catcher on drums.
  • Produced by Alez and Cameron.
  • Compiled by Terge.

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