Artist: F-A-K-E

Produced By: F-A-K-E, AJG


This is the second release from F-A-K-E, and his first full LP. It will feature artists AJG and CLB and Drip-Drop


This is subject to Change

    1. Fight Night (Club)
    2. Get The Fuck Out Of My Face
    3. Life Ain't Easy (feat CLB)
    4. Re-Up- FAKE Version
    5. Fuck You! (30 Second Snippet)
    6. My Nigga (feat Drip Drop and AJG)
    7. Struggles
    8. Life as a Rapper
    9. Happy Birthday (to me)
    10. Brothers (feat NGRC)
    11. Time Is a Gift
    12. Don't Disobey Me
    13. You Ain't Ice (feat Drip Drop)
    14. I hate skits (skit)
    15. Hate/Love
    16. Pansy Shop
    17. Get Over It
    18. Hard
    19. I Have to Say to You
    20. Don't Give 2 Fuxx (feat AJG)
    21. Outtro Freestyle

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