Founded: 1995

Headquarters: Glasgow, Scotland

Website Link(s): BisNation




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bis was the first unsigned band to appear on the UK's Top of the Pops, performing "Kandy Pop". They enjoyed some success, though there was a huge critical backlash for the first couple of records. In the US, they're most known for performing the closing theme to The Powerpuff Girls, and that parlayed into success for their second album, [[Social Dancing:bis|Social Dancin, which got a promotional push from the show. In 2003, on Valentine's Day, bis announced that they were breaking up. Manda went into The Kitchen, a more disco-punk based band with her (now ex-)husband, John and Steven formed Dirty Hospital, a DJ outfit. In 2004, though, they had announced that The Kitchen and Manda's marriage had dissolved, and that bis had gotten back together under a new name to record some songs for a BBC program. Later, it was announced that the new band was Data Panik. To date, Data Panik has released only one 7", "[[Cubis:Data Panik|Cubi (I Love You)" b/w "[[Sense Not Sense:Data Panik|Sense Not Sens". It is a return to the sound of bis, mostly of the Music For A Stranger World era.



  • [[The New Transistor Heroes:bis|The New Transistor Heroe
  • [[Social Dancing:bis|Social Dancin
  • [[Play Some Real Songs:bis|Play Some Real Song: the Live Album
  • Return To Central
  • [[Intendo:bis|Intend
  • [[I Heart bis:bis|I Heart bi
  • Plastique Nouveau
  • Icky-Poo Air Raid



  • [[Kandy Pop/Sweet Shop Avengers:bis|Kandy Pop/Sweet Shop Avenger
  • Sweet Shop Avengerz
  • [[Everybody Thinks That They're Going To Get Theirs (Single):bis|Everybody Thinks That They're Going To Get Their
  • [[Tell It To The Kids (Single):bis|Tell It To The Kid
  • [[Kid Cut:bis|Kid Cu
  • [[Eurodisco (Single):bis|Eurodisc
  • [[Action & Drama (Single):bis|Action & Dram
  • [[Detour (Single):bis|Detou
  • What You're Afraid Of
  • Protection
  • [[The End Starts Today (single):bis|The End Starts Toda
  • [[Split:bis & Heavenly|Spli with [[Heavenl
  • [[The Hi-Fi Mixes:bis|The Hi-Fi Mixe
  • [[Split:bis & Lugworm|Spli with Lugworm
  • Kkeerroolleeeenn
  • [[Split:bis & The Apples in stereo|Spli with [[The Apples in stere
  • [[Today Of All Days:bis|Today Of All Day

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  • [[The Powerpuff Girls:Heroes & Villains:Soundtrack|The Powerpuff Girls:Heroes & Villain

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  • [[Wikipedia:bis|Wikipedia Pag[[Category: Artis

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