Bishop™, until 1999 known as Dead Bishop is a musical group from Albany, New York in the United States. The band is a three piece composed of "three brothers from the same mother," as is claimed on the band's official website. The band as a whole has been playing together since 1999, however elder brothers Tommy and Rocky have been playing together since the late 1980s. The two brothers went through various incarnations of bands and lineups, and were previously known as "Dead Bishop" until the 1999 addition of younger half-brother Vinny Padula on bass. At that time, the band dropped "Dead" from their name and became known simply as Bishop. The band's first performance together as Bishop was at the Woodstock '99 festival held in Rome, New York. Since that time, Bishop has completed three studio albums and has toured extensively across the U.S.


Latest ReleaseEdit

Steel Gods was released on March 7, 2007 on Bishopmusic. The album received favorable reviews from print magazines such as Classic rock magazine and internet zines such as Bishop is currently working on their 4th album, tentatively titled Hate Wide Open.



Rocky Semeraro is an endorser of Spaun Drums and Scymtek Cymbals

Vinny Padula currently uses Verellen Amplifiers

Trivia and Notable InformationEdit

Bassist Vinny Padula was only 14 years old at the time of the band's first performance at Woodstock '99.

In 2005, the song "Got the Way" was used within the Budweiser/Dale Earnhardt Jr. Experience, which appeared at all NASCAR races for that season.

In 2006, Bishop embarked on the Lady Luck Tour, a cross-country tour to support one of their sponsors, Siver Cartel. On the band's Myspace page, Vinny Padula wrote stories based on their 2006 Lady Luck Tour. The stories, due to their crude and at times unbelievable nature, became favorites among fans. Vinny claims that every single word is absolutely true.

Bishop is noted for writing and producing all of their albums themselves. Rock On was also recorded and mixed by the band. Steel Gods was recorded by the band, however mixing and mastering was done with John Delahanty at Scarlet East Studios in Albany, New York. Hate Wide Open was recorded by the band and is currently undergoing mixing and production.


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