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Founded: 2005

Headquarters: Singapore

Website Link(s): [ Official Sit




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  • [[Alouqu

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Bismillah is a band True Hateful Black Métal (Morocco - Singapore), founded about 2005 by Evil Soul, following an alliance of this last with the band Alouqua originating in Singapore created in 1996, which knows like members Sabathan, Leviathan, Eurynome and Bélial.

Bismillah counts in its rows: Evil Soul all vocals (Occulta & Koffar Koraych) Eurynome has the guitar, bass and keyboard (Alouqua) Bélial has the battery (Alouqua).

The band like first project Anholy Hate left in 2005, directions towards Black Metal, to see an atmosphere dark and sad, the whole accompanied by cold riffs and hateful, a battery ritualized towards anthems of hatred and vocal calling upon and perpetuating sing occult, alarming at desolation... The thoughts are the support of very which can contribute to the ruin, hatred and the destruction against the Arabs, the impure races... The mark of the group is incontestably the nobility which animates it to defend its cultural inheritance, ancestral, religious and racial.



  • [[Anholy Hate:Bismillah|Anholy Hat



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