Bit Riot Records
Founded 2007
Founder(s) Eric Dusik
Tonya Leigh
Genre(s) Electronic music, industrial music
Country of origin United States
Location Chicago, Illinois
Official website(s) Official website of Bit Riot Records

Bit Riot Records is an American record label founded by Eric Dusik and Tonya Leigh and was initially a vanity label on WTII Records. The Bit Riot Records record label was formed in 2007 in Chicago, Illinois. Since its inception the label has grown into a full-service independent label. The label releases industrial music, electronic rock and other cutting edge synth/rock genre's. Its roster includes Cyanotic,[1] mindFluxFuneral, Torrent Vaccine[2] and Everything Goes Cold[3] among others.


Current Bit Riot Records ArtistsEdit

  • All But A Memory
  • Breath And Decay
  • Chiildren
  • Common Man Down
  • Counterfeit i
  • Deconbrio
  • mindFluxFuneral
  • Torrent Vaccine
  • Wasteful

Former Bit Riot Records ArtistsEdit

Releases Edit

Artist Album Type Format Limited Year Release
mindFluxFuneral Teatro Derevelación Album CD / Digital n/a 2007 BR6001
Cyanotic Transhuman 2.0 Album CD / Digital n/a 2007 BR6002
Torrent Vaccine Tentative Response Album CD / Digital n/a 2008 BR6003
V/A Cyanotic Presents: Gears Gone Wild Compilation CD / Digital n/a 2008 BR6004
Left Spine Down Fighting for Voltage Album CD / Digital n/a 2008 BR6006
Cyanotic Prehab 25 mg- EP EP CD / Digital 1000 units 2008 BR6007
Torrent Vaccine Session One Single CD / Digital 100 units 2008 none
Torrent Vaccine rEmiXUDE EP EP Digital n/a 2009 BR6008
Deconbrio The Vanishing EP CD / Digital n/a 2009 BR6009
Cyanotic Drek Kick EP Digital 1 week download 2009 none
Everything Goes Cold Vs. General Failure Album CD / Digital n/a 2009 BR6012
Everything Goes Cold Ice Brigade Membership Pack Album + Bonus Material CD / Digital 200 units 2009 none
DEFCON Flat Black Philosophy Album CD / Digital n/a 2010 BR6013
Cyanotic The Medication Generation Album CD / Digital n/a 2010 BR6010
Be My Enemy This is the New Wave Album CD / Digital n/a 2010 BR6011
Torrent Vaccine Focus EP Digital n/a 2010 BR6014
V/A Cyanotic Presents: Gears Gone Wild: Spring Break Edition Compilation Digital n/a 2011 none
Common Man Down Self Addiction Single Digital n/a 2011 BR6015
Deconbrio Voyeur Album CD / Digital 100 2012 BR6016
Counterfeit i A Glimpse, an Eclipse Album Digital n/a 2012 BR6017
Chiildren The Other People EP Digital n/a 2012 BR6019

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