Artist: The Perceptionists

Date Released: March 22, 2005

Label: Def Jux

Produced By: Fakts One, El-P, Cyrus the Great, Willie Evans, Camu Tao


  1. Let's Move
  2. People 4 Prez
  3. Blo
  4. Memorial Day
  5. Love Letters
  6. Black Dialogue
  7. Frame Rupture
  8. What Have We Got to Lose?!?
  9. Party Hard
  10. Career Finders
  11. 5 O'Clock
  12. Breathe in the Sun


The Perceptionists have been around since ’97, but success has been at a minimum; in fact, the members’ solo careers have been much more lucrative. Mr. Lif created a cult status as a quick-spitting, socially conscious Def Jux rapper, Akrobatik released an impressive debut on Coup D’Etat and Fakts One, the DJ/producer, is currently working on his debut solo outing, but has appeared on all the aforementioned albums. As The Perceptions, the Bostonians use old school tactics to produce songs that are club-worthy but also have something to say. If you are into political hip-hop, this is definitely worth a listen. The politics don’t weigh down the music and it’s subtle enough for the listener to miss the message completely if they wish to. Guest producers include Def Jux godfather El-P, a talented Brandeis U. under-grad named Cyrus the Great and up-and-comer Willie Evans. For the most part this is quality hip-hop with something to say… and that’s rare at the moment. Michael Ardaiolo

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