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Blind Melon is an indie band from California, successfully in the years 1992-1995. In 1995 came to an end for the time being, to this success by the death of lead singerShannon Hoon. In 2006 the band made a reboot with a new lead vocalist, Travis Warren. On november 7, 2008 the collaboration with Travis discontinued after mutual tensions with the other band members.


[hide]*1 History


Blind Melon formed in California, with members from IndianaMississippi and Pennsylvania. In 1991 the band signed with the label Capitol Records. The band had this primarily due to the friendship between Shannon Hoon and Axl Rose, the lead singer of Guns N ' Roses. The first album, produced by Rick Parashar (Pearl Jam), consisted of 13 songs with a wide variety of music genres, from heavy metal to classic rock. The sales figures remained far behind expectations, until No Rain was a gigantic success, thanks in part to the popular video clip with Bee Girl Heather DeLoach, the sister of the drummer Glen Graham. Then the Blind Melon's tour seemed to be a success. But after the support act of, among others, Neil YoungThe Rolling Stones and Soundgarden to have stood, had to be broken off the tour because of the excessive drug use by Hoon.


The name "Blind Melon" would save according to the father of Brad Smith on a group of hippies from Mississippi. Others claim that the name is derived from a blues singer, known as Blind Lemon Jefferson .



  • Blind Melon (1992)
  • Soup (1995)
  • Nico (1996)
  • For My Friends (2008)-released In Europe by 2010 (2010)


Single (s) with any charts in the

the Dutch Top 40

Date of


Date of




Number Of


I Wonder
Tones of Home
No Rain 20-12-1993 26 5
Toes Across The Floor
The Pusher

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