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{{Infobox artist | Name = Bloc Party | Img = | Img_capt = | Img_size = | Background = lightsteelblue | Alias = | Origin = London, England | Genre = Post-Punk
Indie Rock | Years_active = 2002-present | Label = V2
[[Wichit | Associated_acts = Union | Influences = | URL = [ Official Sit | Current_members = [[Kele Okerek
Russ Lissack
[[Gordon Moake
[[Matt Ton | Past_members = }} Bloc Party are an Indie Rock band from London, England with Kele Okereke as vocalist and rhythm guitarist. In February 2005 they released their debut album Silent Alarm. In February 2007 their second album [[A Weekend in the Cit was released.

Band BiographyEdit






  • [[Tulips:Bloc Party|Tulip
  • [[Banquet (single):Bloc Party|Banque
  • [[Pioneers (single):Bloc Party|Pioneer
  • [[Helicopter:Bloc Party|Helicopte

Appears OnEdit


  • [[Help:A Day In The Life:War Child|Help:A Day In The Lif


  • [[Wedding Crashers:Soundtrack|Wedding Crasher

Mix CDsEdit

Radio ShowsEdit

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