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  • Thesinginglimbs

    On Friday, February 24th, rising San Francisco band The Singing Limbs will drop its first single, "Stay," from the upcoming release of their debut EP, Mint, set to drop on March 31st.

    You can listen to the private song link here:


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  • I Love Blue 02

    Hi Wikians! I'm I Love Blue 02. I want you to present the Hailee Steinfeld Wiki. It is all about the singer, actress and model Hailee Steinfeld. She is known as Emily Junk in the Pitch Perfect 2 and as Mattie Ross in the 2010 film True Grit. She also played as Juliet in the 2013 version of Romeo & Juliet. After the portrayal as Emily Junk, she released her debut EP called "Haiz". Her lead single from the album was "Love Myself" and the latest single was with Zedd and Grey, the single was titled "Starving". She also had a collaboration with DNCE, it was called Rock Bottom.

    Year Title Director Role Notes
    2010 True Grit Joel & Ethan Coen Mattie Ross

    2013 Hateship, Loveship Liza Johnson Sabitha

    2013 Begin Again John Carney Violet Mulligan

    2013 Rome…

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  • Witnessme

    Educating Ozzy Quiz

    September 13, 2016 by Witnessme

    Find your Ozzy song by taking this personality quiz!

    Ozzy Osbourne: you may know him from the MTV reality show The Osbournes or from the new A&E series Educating Ozzy. But before he was a television superstar, Ozzy was the Godfather of Heavy Metal. His music is of the darker variety but damn if it ain't catchy. This personality quiz, inspired by Ozzy's biggest songs, will help fans realize just which Ozzy tune fits their personality.

    Which Ozzy song fits your personality? Take this quiz to find out!

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  • Nicesoundbiz

    Dominik Kwolek

    July 30, 2016 by Nicesoundbiz

    Dominik Kwolek ( born 8 october, 1992, in Czech Republic, Europe)

    is DJ of blues, soul and funk music.

    Dominik Kwolek was born in Czech Republic, Europe.

    Dominik is interested in music since a very young age. He's a practicing DJ since 2009. He comes from a polish family and has attended to a polish nursery school and primary school (from 1993 to 2008). He graduated an Economy High School in 2013.

    Since 2013 Dominik is studying logistics to became engineer in 2018.

    In Dominik life happened big life way change when he got cancer it was Hodgkins lymphoma, just like very much musicians have this problem on his life way.

    Dominik was successfully cured, and practically I will say that it was his first start into music life (year 2008-2009).

    Dominik ha…

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  • Yuri Bara

    The Lost Templates

    June 20, 2016 by Yuri Bara

    There are actually quite a few helpful templates that I occasionally see on pages. But really, they should be on almost every page. This blog is mainly so I can get all the ugly, bland, long coding off my userpage and get the templates to a place where it's easier for me to copy & paste them (manually typing them out is just too much work, you know? And I forget easily...), but if this makes someone else realize there's a template for what they need, that's good and well.

    Without further ado...

    this page to see it in action. From the template's name, I assume this was made to be used on all song pages.
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  • Cms13ca

    Music Video Poll

    March 20, 2016 by Cms13ca

    I have created a music video poll on Music Video Wikia. Vote for your favourite video in the Top 16 and the most votes will head to next round.

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  • Klowens1

    love life

    February 2, 2016 by Klowens1

    ugly girl is hateful b/c they hate me so I love yall so fuck yall ba WTF

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  • Lala0603


    January 28, 2016 by Lala0603
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  • Lala0603


    January 28, 2016 by Lala0603

    there's been a lot of stuff going on. Everyday that i go to school i always get a good feeling about me and this boy named Mario Hughes. He is now my boyfriend , and i love him with all my heart and he does tooo. its just that when we want alone time together someone is always cockblockin our love.

    Everyday in the morning Mario (which is my bae) comes  and knocks on my door so that i can walk to school with him. Usually i don't be finished getting dresssed or getting myself together, but i alwways tell him i'll be out in a minute.

    When i come out the  door Mario always talks to me, hugs me, and sometimes kiss me on the cheekor as we like to kiss on the mouth which feels sexy.

    As soon as me and Mario get to school we get breakfast, and then we…

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  • Klowens1

    fuck up

    January 28, 2016 by Klowens1

    bicth today my  mom got me fuck up b/c she go in my room and say.......... what the fuck kiale u need to be carful with your sis she can fall.  and I saidn so 

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  • Lala0603

    stupid niggas always the one talkin like they wanna do somethin or fight against somebody they think is bad or that they don't like

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  • T t baby lashaun

    like i say

    January 28, 2016 by T t baby lashaun
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  • Klowens1

    love day

    January 28, 2016 by Klowens1

    why is love good to people?................ I hate love !!!!!. b/c I been love befor and I didnt love him.that why I hate love 

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  • Klowens1

    kiale life

    January 27, 2016 by Klowens1

    To day my life feel so good 

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  • Big Brother 99

    Bowie has passed away at age 69. David Bowie, the legendary singer-songwriter and actor, has died after a long battle with cancer. He was 69.

    The artist's Facebook page announced the news, with the singer's rep confirming his death to Rolling Stone. "David Bowie died peacefully today surrounded by his family after a courageous 18-month battle with cancer," the statement read. "While many of you will share in this loss, we ask that you respect the family's privacy during their time of grief."

    One of the most original and singular voices in rock & roll for nearly five decades, Bowie championed mystery, rebellion and curiosity in his music. Ever unpredictable, the mercurial artist and fashion icon wore many guises throughout his life. Beginnin…

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  • MrBlonde267

    The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame just announced their 2016 inductees, to be honored in their 31st annual induction ceremony! The ceremony will be held in Brooklyn at the Barclays Center on April 8. Tickets will go on sale in February, and the ceremony will air on HBO sometime in Spring 2016. This year's inductees in the performer category are:

    • Cheap Trick
    • Chicago
    • Deep Purple
    • N.W.A.
    • Steve Miller

    Let us know what you think! Do you think these bands deserved it? Do you think any of the others got robbed?

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  • RIOO

    Music blog

    December 6, 2015 by RIOO

    Good morning/afternoon/evening.

    This is my Tumblr blog about music. I've just created the first post and I'm proud of the fact I finally am motified enough to write something.


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  • Tayfun17

    Eurovision Song Contest

    December 5, 2015 by Tayfun17
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  • Kylagabrielle12


    November 22, 2015 by Kylagabrielle12

    i pick zandaya for wikia because she my new article so think you for my article.think you  

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  • TheDancingCupcakeXD


    November 5, 2015 by TheDancingCupcakeXD

    So lately I've been thinking about genres of music. I really can't decide what I like best. I know my favorite solo artist and boy band it took forever just to find out those. Does anybody ever think of the same things? Like everyday I'm going to school and on the radio it's just a bunch of different songs playing. I've also started listening to the lyrics in songs... Maybe some other people should start to do that. Oh and by the way this is my first blog so hope you like it I will accept any feedback. Bye for now beasties. 🙋

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  • Helldriver Rapper

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  • TheBlueRogue

    The Recording Academy is introducing an informative video series, GRAMMY 101. The first episode, "Start Here," features the Academy's Senior Vice President of Awards, Bill Freimuth, and Senior Managing Director of Member Services & Industry Relations, Laura Segura Mueller, who offer a quick guide to the nominations and voting process.

    In the short 3-minute video, Freimuth and Mueller cover everything from online entry to voting, citing several key dates, including the imminent July 31 deadline, when eligible musicians must join or renew in order to submit product in the 58th Grammy's online entry process. The series comes as part of The Recording Academy’s move to demystify the awards process.

    GRAMMY 101: Start Here will live on the newly la…

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  • TheBlueRogue

    L.A. based pop-artist Plasticgod has created a series of Nick Cave figures that he’ll be debuting at San Diego Comic-Con on July 9th. Each of these figures is based off of a popular song title from the artist's catalog. Each doll is priced at $40 and each figure will be limited to editions of 200. Keep an eye out on Plasticgod's website if you are unable to attend Comic Con this year.

    Take a look at the collection below.

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  • Arisa shehaj


    July 6, 2015 by Arisa shehaj

    Hollywood is for actors hee but i want to go there is so beautiful 

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  • Arisa shehaj


    July 6, 2015 by Arisa shehaj

    Hollydays are fantastic im goin to antalya how about you antalya is so beautiful RELACS bye for now 

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  • ThePK

    Entertainment Earth is releasing a series of KISS themed coasters as a San Diego Comic-Con convention exclusive. Here is an excerpt from their press release:

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  • Asnow89

    UPDATE: Thank you to everyone who submitted entries! Click HERE to vote for the top looks!

    Hey there!

    All of our favorite pop stars are going on tour this year...and since they are all such fabulous fashionistas, we thought it would be fun for YOU to create an on-stage look. This month, we are hosting Closet Confidential on four music wikias- Taylor Swift, Selena Gomez, Ariana Grande, and Fifth Harmony.

    Create a look for the artist of your choice (or for ALL of the artists!).

    Have fun with it!

    Click below to see each Closet Confidential contest going on this month!
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  • Lawenforcementcoins

    Challenge coins are small coins or medallion that are generally used to honor and appreciate the military officers. They bear the organization's insignia or emblem and are carried out by the organization's members. Though the culture is first originated in military services, they are now given even in the police forces. One variant of these challenge coins is the law enforcement challenge coins that are given to police officers. They are basically a token of thanks as well as appreciation that are given to express the heartfelt gratitude and pride that follows their efficient services. Owing to the revolution Internet bestowed people with, these challenge coins are also available online now.

    The most important thing that is to be kept in mind…

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  • Gcheung28

    We asked fans on Wikia what they'd like to ask Composer Bear McCreary, and you all responded with so many great questions! McCreary is the musical composer for Outlander , Walking Dead, Battlestar Galactica , Black Sails , Constantine , Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and more. Keep reading to learn more about his working style, who he'd love to work with, his inspirations, and other great answers to your questions.

    WIKIA FAN QUESTION: When you research a project, do you start with the setting or the characters? How collaborative is the process with the producers in determining the musical style?

    BEAR MCCREARY: Working with producers, directors and the other filmmakers is the most essential part of any project. The composer is there to write THEIR sco…

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  • JasonLankino

    New urban album: 'The Grand Unification, Vol.1' [CD] by Auckland based artist Jason Lankino, now available on iTunes etc. Sound: Urban Caribbean/Latin/Global/Fusion.

    Talk to me: 

    Facebook : Twitter : Instagram : Soundcloud : 


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  • Gcheung28

    Hello music fans!

    Composer Bear McCreary is very busy these days, writing scores for Outlander, The Walking Dead, Black Sails, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Constantine and winning Emmys for the Main Title of Davinci's Demons. As busy as he is, he will answer YOUR burning questions.

    In the comments below, please ask McCreary about specific shows, scenes, his writing process, instrumental choices, studying with film music legend Elmer Bernstein, collaborating with the Joss Whedon on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D, his experience with older projects like Battlestar Galactica and video game scores... anything you want! McCreary is also a huge fan of the shows he has worked on, so your questions don't have to be strictly musical.

    We'll be collecting questions until April …

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  • Alwaysmore2hear

    Have you been reminiscing lately about the amazing music from the fierce singer/songwriter women of the 90s? I certainly have. So I'm excited to report that on April 14th, Rhino will release 2-CD Deluxe Editions of Tori Amos's classic albums Little Earthquakes & Under The Pink. Each record is newly remastered and paired with an entire disc of rare B-sides and bonus tracks. The remastered versions of both albums will also be released on vinyl.

    To celebrate, check out this live recording of “Winter”! If you are not familiar with Tori Amos through her cover tunes, you are missing out, so also take a listen to her cover of Nirvana (band)'s "Smells Like Teen Spirit"

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  • XD1

    The Outside Lands line-up has been announced! What do you think? Are you planning to make the trip to the Bay Area for this eclectic and highly anticipated festival? Always unpredictable, it's hard to know what the main draw will be from year to year with such a aide range of performers. Which acts do you think will capture the crowd's heart this year?

    Find out more about some of these these artists on Wikia:

    • Elton John
    • Mumford & Sons
    • Sam Smith
    • Kendrick Lamar
    • Wilco
    • Billy Idol
    • Hot Chip
    • Caribou

    Tell us in the comments which acts YOU want to see at Outside Lands!

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  • XD1

    Lollapalooza's line-up has been announced! What do you think? Would you be willing to brave the crowds to see your favorite bands live? What are your top, must-see performers from this lineup?

    Find out more about some of these these artists on Wikia:

    • Metallica
    • Paul McCartney
    • Florence & the Machine
    • Sam Smith
    • Charli XCX
    • Marina and the Diamonds
    • Radiohead's Philip Selway

    Tell us in the comments which acts YOU want to see at Lollapalooza!

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  • Alwaysmore2hear

    Well this is going to be interesting: Billboard announced today that Baz Luhrmann, director of films like "The Great Gatsby " and "Moulin Rouge !" is partnering with Sony Music's RCA Records on a custom label, Bazmark. This label will be dedicated to releasing music from Luhrmann's film, TV and theater projects, as well as signing new artists and acquiring rights to recordings.

    "My current work is all music-driven, and all of it requires classics or new music artists," says Luhrmann, 52, whose stage version of "Strictly Ballroom" opened in Australia on Jan. 17. "I'm going to try to build a home that has a great foundation, and I hope it has longevity. I would feel useful if just one or two artists found their creative road through the home …

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  • Gcheung28

    More updates on the film Straight Outta Compton, NWA fans! Following the meteoric rise and fall of N.W.A., Straight Outta Compton tells the story of how these young men revolutionized music and pop culture forever the moment they told the world the truth about life in the hood and ignited a cultural war. If you've been waiting for news on this movie, we have some new stills for you!

    Check out the new images below and watch the trailer if you haven't seen it yet.


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  • Alwaysmore2hear

    Hey, Music Lovers!

    If you're reading this then hopefully you've visited Wikia’s Music Hub . Wikia’s hubs -- there are seven in all -- are a daily curated source of amazing content from all around Wikia’s superfan communities.

    Everyday on the Music Hub, we highlight great things from Wikia’s numerous music communities, including the Music Wiki.

    We love all the great content on the Music Wiki, and would like to join forces with you by merging the Music Wiki and Wikia’s Music Hub.

    The merged Music Hub would have the same great content that the Music Wiki does today. What would change? The home page would be changed to look like Wikia’s existing Music Hub, and there may be other minor design changes meant to bring the design more closely in line w…

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  • Gcheung28

    Coachella's line-up has been announced! What do you think? Would you be interested in seeing these bands live? Would you be willing to deal with the heat and the dust? What day looks the best line-up to you?

    Find out more about some of these these artists on Wikia:

    • ACDC
    • Steely Dan
    • Ghostface Killah
    • Jack White
    • Belle and Sebastain
    • FKA Twigs
    • Drake
    • Florence + the Machine
    • Marina and the Diamonds
    • Kasabian
    • Bad Religion

    Tell us in the comments which act YOU want to see at Coachella!

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  • Alwaysmore2hear

    Hey Music fans!

    Are you fans of good sountracks? What about making awesome playlists? Well we love the Hunger Games soundtracks and are totally excited that Lorde will be curating the soundtrack for the third Hunger Games movie, Mockingjay Pt 1. Since we won't be able to hear what she chooses for another month or so, we thought we'd ask what YOU'D put on the soundtrack. 

    We're going to be putting together a YouTube playlist with YOUR suggestions and then vote on our favorite tracks. All you have to do is click over to our post on Wikia's Music Hub and enter a song title, the name of the song and a YouTube url in the comments.

    Click here for the Mockingjay Pt. 1 Soundtrack post

    We'll be taking song submissions until October 15th.

    Thank you!

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  • Millardman120

    Its gotta to be on music wiki!!! it has over 900 songs!!!! :) please solve this song and send me a message if you know it.... It plays in cheap toys made in china and its pretty rare to find one that sings it unless at the flea market you see a chinese toy dealer.

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  • MasterSkymning


    August 11, 2014 by MasterSkymning

    Songs of the week:

    • Chandelier - Sia
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  • XD1
    Ron Howard To Direct New Beatles Documentary Feature Film About The Band's Touring Years

    A new, Apple-authorised Beatles documentary feature about the band’s touring years is in production. The film will have the full co-operation of:

    Paul McCartney
    Ringo Starr
    Yoko Ono Lennon
    Olivia Harrison

    Ron Howard to direct
    White Horse Pictures and Imagine Entertainment to produce
    Grammy Award-winning Nigel Sinclair, Scott Pascucci and Academy Award-winner and multiple nominee Brian Grazer to produce with Howard
    Michael Rosenberg and Guy East will serve as executive producers

    The film will focus on The Beatles' journey from the early days of the Cavern Club in Liverpool and engagements in Hamburg to their last public concert in Candlestick Park, San Francisco…

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  • Gcheung28

    Do you love learning about sound effects in a show or what goes on behind the scenes when making a soundtrack for a movie? If so, get ready for the 2nd Annual "Musical Anatomy of a Superhero" panel produced by Costa Communications at this year's Comic-Con! Some of Hollywood's leading composers will be discussing the process of creating the musical voice behind the superhero, explaining the challenges when bringing a comic book character or story to life, and writing music to reflect the story line. Panelists will also show film clips of their work and some from never-before-seen projects!

    Wondering who's going to be there? Check this star studded list out:

    • Brian Tyler (Avengers: Age of Ultron, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Ironman 3)
    • Tyler Ba…
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  • EmperorAguila

    Ask Me Questions!

    July 17, 2014 by EmperorAguila

    A little known fact about me is that I am an underground rapper. I'm dropping my debut mixtape this Sunday, but I am first going to create a Q&A video so people can get to know me and my raps better. Feel free to ask any question about me and/or my tape. I'll let you know when I'm done.

    Thanks, homies!

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  • Gcheung28

    You might not have known this, but famous rappers Ice Cube and Dr. Dre are producing a very cool biopic about young men living in Compton "who revolutionized music and pop culture forever the moment they told the world the truth about life in the hood and ignited a cultural war." If that doesn't entice you, some of the film's characters include a young Ice Cube, Dr. Dre, and Eazy-E!

    Check out this cast photo that just got released and read the synopsis for the film below.

    Synopsis: In the mid-1980s, the streets of Compton, California, were some of the most dangerous in the country. When five young men translated their experiences growing up into brutally honest music that rebelled against abusive authority, they gave an explosive voice to a …

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  • Millardman120

    It is in this weird video of a dancing battery powered baby doll and it sounds like I am a member of the cause

    Heres some toys that somehow use this song:

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  • Keikurono1995


    June 11, 2014 by Keikurono1995

    Help please, I am search a song i think what is Hip Hop, in the song says So persson and sounds a Saxophone

    please say the name of song

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  • Greatness The NightWing

    Anyone out there?

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  • Greatness The NightWing

    I have no idea.

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  • EmperorAguila

    I am proud to present to you my debut album, “Stepping Into The Spotlight”. Check it out below:

    The rapper XX/\/\E was kind enough to collaborate with me on this emotional track about staying on top of the rap game, and the consequences of doing so. The drop is really dope, in my opinion.

    The clean version will be coming out soon.

    This dope final track features a sample of the Wedding March, and has a cool baseline provided by Retrograde Music. It isn't called “Grand" for nothing.

    The title track o…

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