"Blood Red Sandman" is the second single from Lordi's second album The Monsterican Dream. The song's original title was "Blood Red Santa", but Asko Kallonen from BMG Finland thought it was going to be a Christmas hit only so Mr. Lordi changed the name. There is also a promo version given out by Mayan Records for promotion to their compilation album The Monster Show. Some believe that this song could be referring to Freddy Krueger or Michael Myers. However others believe that some of the song's lyrics hint that the song could actually be about the infamous Jack the Ripper, who terrorised London around 1888. One line of the Lyrics says "they called me the leather apron" referring to the name given to the murder by the media. They called him the leather apron due to the fact that a leather butcher’s apron was found at one of the first crime scenes. The serial killer was dubbed ‘The Leather Apron’ for a while before being given the more commonly known name of Jack the Ripper. Another line in the lyrics says "they called me smiling Jack” this refers to one of the other names of the ripper before he/she was given the name of Jack the ripper. As for the line “they prayed to the heavens above that i would never ever come back" this preys on the subconscious fear in the human mind that the Ripper whoever they were will come back. There have been several copy cat cases since 1888 but no reported cases of the exact same nature. Lordi using this imagery in the song creates the character of the Blood Red Sandman who may or may not be a demonic Santa or Jack the Ripper.

Track listings Edit

Finnish version:

  1. "Blood Red Sandman"
  2. "Pyromite"
  3. "To Hell With The Pop"

Promo version:

  1. "Blood Red Sandman"
  2. "Devil Is A Loser"
  3. "Would You Love A Monsterman?"

Music video Edit

A trio of young people sort through old belongings in a shack, in a similar style to the one featured in The Evil Dead, at night. The door swings open, and they find a box containing the 'Would You Love a Monsterman?' doll and a tape, which starts to play when they plug it in. The male is throttled by an invisible force, (which is actually band member Kalma, complete with top hat, when seen through the super 8 film camera he drops). One of the females is also dragged into the closet to her doom, by the guitarist, Amen. The band then appears, and, magically chaining the second female to a rocking chair, continue to sing the song. Her friends appear again, as zombies, later in the song. The band continues until the cassette player is unplugged by the second female's struggling foot. The band and zombies disappear. As she looks around, relieved, Mr. Lordi attacks her from behind (seen through the lens of the camera) just as the camera runs out of film.

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