Artist: Boom Bip

Date Released: March 8, 2005

Label: Lex

Produced By:


  1. Cimple
  2. The Move
  3. Do's and Don'ts feat. Gruff Rhys
  4. Girl Toy
  5. Dumb Day
  6. Eyelashings
  7. Soft & Open
  8. One Eye Round the Warm Corner
  9. Aplomb
  10. The Matter (Of Our Discussion) feat. Nina Nastasia


Boom Bip (Bryan Holion) has been an extremely busy man since he was picked out by the blooming, progressive WARP-offshoot Lex Records to be their flagship artist. Since dropping his well received debut album, the multi-instrumental producer has had his hands full remixing Four Tet, M83 and Mogwai among others along with touring the world opening for the likes of Prefuse 73 and the Super Furry Animals (I know I’m jealous). Somehow he has managed to put together yet another solid record on top of that. Inspired by his relocation to California, Boom Bip has lightened his sound somewhat, most notably, the use of a lot more acoustic instruments and less electronic noise. The lush album seamlessly weaves instrumental hip-hop into post-rock, electro and pop all while remaining experimental and accessible. Super Furry Animals front-man, Gruff Rhys, and solemn singer/songwriter Nina Nostasia are the only vocalists on the album, though those tracks seem to be the only tracks that stray from his polished sound. Blue Eyed is a wonderful and exciting progression for Holion and yet another smashing success for the uncompromising Lex Records. Michael Ardaiolo

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