Founded: 1980s

Headquarters: Las Vegas, USA

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Blue Man Group (Blue Man, BMG) is a creative organization founded by Phil Stanton, Chris Wink, and Matt Goldman; it is centered on a trio of mute performers, called Blue Men, who present themselves in blue grease paint, latex bald caps, and black clothing. Blue Man Group's theatrical acts incorporate rock music (with an emphasis on percussion), odd props, audience participation, sophisticated lighting, and large amounts of paper. It is also noted for having a "poncho section" of the audience; in the front rows, audience members are provided with plastic ponchos in order to protect them from various food, substances, paints, and so on, which get thrown, ejected, or sprayed from the stage. The shows are family-oriented, humorous, energetic and often employ thought-provoking satire on modern life. Most of the humor breaks the fourth wall, for example, interrupting the show to ridicule latecomers in the audience.



  • [[Audio:Blue Man Group|Audi (1999)
  • The Complex (2003)
  • [[Live At The Venetian, Las Vegas:Blue Man Group|Live At The Venetian, Las Vega (2006)



  • [[The Current (Single):Blue Man Group|The Curren (2003)
  • [[I Feel Love (Single):Blue Man Group|I Feel Lov (2004)
  • Rods And Cones (Live) (2006)

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