Studio album by Gotye
Released February, 2003
Recorded 2001-2002
Genre Electronica
Length 57:36
Label Creative Vibes
Producer Gotye (Wally de Backer)
Lyrics Boardface Lyrics
Gotye chronology
Like Drawing Blood

Boardface is Gotye's debut album. It was originally released in 2003, and then re-released as a companion to his follow-up breakthrough album, Like Drawing Blood.

Track listingEdit

All songs written and composed by Wally De Backer. Visit the Lyric Wiki for lyrics to these songs.

No. Title Length
1. "Out Here in the Cold" 6:26
2. "True to You" 5:09
3. "The Only Thing I Know" 7:17
4. "Wonder Why You Want Her" 4:25
5. "What Do You Want?" 3:24
6. "Out of My Mind" 4:15
7. "Here in This Place" 6:00
8. "Waiting for You" 1:37
9. "Loath to Refuse" 5:45
10. "Noir Excursion" 6:10
11. "Baby" 6:01
12. "Board with This Game" 1:03

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