Bob Moore (Nashville30 november 1932) was a much sought after studio musician playing bass and knew itself in addition to work quickly to musical director for country and pop artists like Red Foley, Pat BooneElvis Presley and Connie Francis.

Recordings with Roy Orbison earned him a contract with Monument Records and on 19 June 1961, included the single " Mexico . The plate reached the 7th place in the US and was crowned with gold. In the Netherlands was a number one hit in 1960, after the in the commercial of Nur that-pantyhose used was on Radio Veronica.

The picture is generally considered to be the example of the 'Tijuana Brass Sound ' that trumpeter Herb Alpert would achieve great success a few years later.

After the success of Mexico it became quiet around Bob Moore, who never saw this opportunity to repeat success or even to approach.

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