Robert Thomas Velline (Fargo (North Dakota), 30 april 1943), known as Bobby Vee, is a singer and American actor.


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Bobby Vee's music career began on The Day The Music DiedBuddy HollyRitchie Valens and The Big Bopper were busy with the Winter Dance Party tour and were killed during a plane crash on February 3, 1959. Their next concert would take place in MoorheadMinnesota. The then 15-year-old Bobby Vee had a band called The Shadows, and they offered up as replacements for the planned concert. The concert was a great success and cattle were asked for multiple appearances, making Vee eventually became known. To date enter Bobby Vee on during the Winter Dance Party-Memorial concert.

Unscrewed first single was "Suzie Baby", published in 1959. In the first half of the sixties scored Cattle many hits, including: "Take Good Care of My Baby" (what a number one hit on the Billboard Hot 100 in 1961 and was the third place in the UK Singles Chart[1]), "Devil or Angel" (US # 6), "Rubber Ball" (US # 6), which made him an international star, "Run To Him" (US # 2), "The Night Has a Thousand Eyes" (US # 3) and many other. After 1964 it became a somewhat lesser period for Vee because of the British revolution in pop music. In 1967 his backing band The Strangers Bobby Vee and came back with the hit "Come Back When You Grow Up". At the end of the sixties scored no hits more Vee and dropped its popularity.

Vee In the 1970s brought a number of albums and singles out, without any success. Vee In the 1980s by the United States, toured Europe and the far East. In 1988 he travelled about Refoundation by the us, with the Crickets. In 1999 he received the Rough Rider Award. Cattle still occurs, with his sons: Robby (guitar), Tommy (bass) and Jeff (drums).

Vee In 2007 was working on his The Last of The Big Rock Shows, along with Lesley Gore and Billy "Crash" Craddock in Australia.

Bobby Vee is included in the Rockabilly Hall of Fame[2.


Bobby Vee is known as one of the pioneers of the music video genre. He also appeared in several television series. Vee acted in the sixties in the movies:[3]

Year Film Duration
1962 Swingin' along 74 minutes
1962 Play it cool 82 minutes
1963 Just for fun 85 minutes
1967 C'mon, let's live a little 85 minutes

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