Body and Soul is one of the most famous jazz standards and also the song with the largest number of recordings by various artists. Body and Soul is a composition byJohnny Green from 1930 , lyrics by Edward HeymanRobert Sour and Frank Eyton. One of the most famous versions is that of the tenor saxophonist Coleman Hawkins from 1939.


[hide]*1 History


Johnny Green wrote the song especially for actress, dancer and singer Gertrude Lawrence when he was in London , but it was Jack Hylton 's Orchestra in 1930 that the first recording made. Body and Soul was on 15 October 1930 his premiere in the Broadwaymusical ' three's a Crowd '. The show ran long with 272 performances as a singer Libby Holman. The song was one of the highlights of the revue and Holmans recording reached # 3 on the charts. Despite the immediate success the song a year later because of the too suggestive text banned from the radio. Fragment of the text: [1]

"You know I'm yours for just the taking
I'ld gladly surrender myself to you
Body and soul ... "
"Know you can take me
I will like to surrender to you
With body and soul "

In the thirties and forties years made it, no doubt partly because of that sexually suggestive text, a big comeback and made many successful recordings. [2]

In september 2011, the version of Tony Bennett and Amy Winehouse released. Bennett, then 85, becoming the oldest artist ever to chart a hit in the u.s. Billboard Hot 100 , the.


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