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Bodyheat is a James Brown album released in 1976 by Polydor Records. It includes the singles "Bodyheat" and "Kiss in '77". It was produced and arranged by James Brown.

The back of the cover features a text written by James Brown titled Brand New Sound.

"Sometimes the serpent of the devil is
so strong, it takes the bodyheat of
God to keep him away. So do good,
think good and you'll be good to your
fellow man- and to all humanity.
Listen to this album. Not only will the
spiritual feeling get to you, but the
'groove' will, too.
Undying Dedication To You,
(With the feeling of a new
beginning... A New Sound!)"

Track listing[1][edit]Edit

Side one
No. Title Written By Length
1. "Bodyheat"   D. Brown, Deidra Brown, Y. Brown 9:03
2. "Woman"   James Brown 5:55
3. "Kiss in '77"   Ch. Sherrell 4:50
Side two
No. Title Written By Length
1. "I'm Satisfied"   D. Brown, Deidra Brown, Y. Brown 1:55
2. "What The World Needs Now Is Love"   Bacharach And David 4:13
3. "Wake Up and Give Yourself a Chance"   D. Brown, Deidra Brown, Y. Brown 3:44
4. "Don't Tell It"   D. Brown, Deidra Brown, Y. Brown 3:57

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