Founded: 2000

Headquarters: originally New York City, now North Adams, Massachusetts

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Band MembersEdit

  • [[Nick Zammut
  • [[Paul de Jon

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Band BiographyEdit

The Books, a duo consisting of the American [[Nick Zammut and Dutch [[Paul de Jon, is one of the most intriguing bands somewhat oddly classified as indie-rock. Their music is created through a blend of found sounds, acoustic blurts (usually from a cello ([[Paul de Jong|de Jon or acoustic guitar) and electronic whirs and snaps. This type of sound is a direct descendent of the [ aleatori or chance music from the 50s and 60s. The Books take on the style is much more melodic, but none-the-less, it is always extremely interesting and fun to listen to. [[Nick Zammuto|Zammut and [[Paul de Jong|de Jon met in Northern Manhattan in 2000, and have been collaborating in one way or another ever since. They are currently residing in a working studio in the Berkshire Mountains of North Adams, Massachusetts. One of the most innovative songwriters of the current music scene, The Books have found audience throughout many genres, especially captivating the indie-rock crowd.




  • [[Prefuse 73 Reads The Books:Prefuse 73|Prefuse 73 Reads The Book 2005 (WARP) - The Books music remixed by Prefuse 73


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