Bound for the floor is the first single from Local H's second effort As Good as Dead and third single they made with Island. It is Known for being the most populare song by the band, being #10-5 on some charts and being played on the radio to the day.

Music VideoEdit

The video for the track starts with the duo playing on a merry-go-round with children. The video would then cut to either the kids writing the lyrics on a chalkboard or the band playing the song in an empty room. The video ends with the kids following the band to a bar and having local h play the song to for them.

Track ListingEdit

The song was released on CD in both the US and Australia. The Australian version comes with both the live and acoustic versions of the song. A Promotanal Cassette tape was released for radio DJs also.

Compact Disc

  1. Bound For The Floor
  2. Bound For The Floor (Acoustic)
  3. High Fiving MF*
  • This song would eventually become a single as well.

Australian CD

  1. Bound For The Floor (Acoustic)
  1. Bound For The Floor (Live)

Promo Cassette

1.Bound For The Floor


The song recieved a 4 out of 5 on allmusic and 3.68 on rate your music.

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