|250px|Boxer cover]]
Studio album by The National
Released May 22, 2007
Recorded Tarquin Studios, Bridgeport, Connecticut
Genre Indie Rock
Length 43:24
Label Beggars Banquet
Producer Peter Katis
The National chronology
Alligator Boxer The Virginia EP

Boxer is the fourth studio album by Brooklyn-based indie rock band The National. It was released on May 22, 2007 by Beggars Banquet Records. The album features a guest performance by Sufjan Stevens on "Ada" and "Racing Like a Pro" and backing vocals by Marla Hansen. Following its release, it debuted at number 68 on the U.S. Billboard 200, selling about 9,500 copies in its first week. The song "Slow Show" contains lyrics from the band's song "29 Years," first found on their self-titled debut album.

Track listingEdit

  1. Fake Empire – 3:25
  2. Mistaken for Strangers – 3:30
  3. Brainy – 3:18
  4. Squalor Victoria – 2:59
  5. Green Gloves – 3:39
  6. Slow Show – 4:08
  7. Apartment Story – 3:32
  8. Start a War – 3:16
  9. Guest Room – 3:18
  10. Racing Like a Pro – 3:24
  11. Ada – 4:03
  12. Gospel – 4:29
  13. Blank State (iTunes Bonus Track)
  14. Santa Clara (iTunes Bonus Track)

Additional MusiciansEdit

  • Tim Albright (trombone)
  • Thomas Bartlett (keyboards)
  • Carin Besser (vocals)
  • CJ Camerieri (trumpet)
  • Rachael Elliott (bassoon)
  • Pauline De Lassus (vocals)
  • Marla Hansen (vocals)
  • Ha-Yang Kim (cello)
  • Padma Newsome (viola, violin, organ)
  • Sara Phillips (clarinet)
  • Alex Sopp (flute)
  • Sufjan Stevens (piano: "Racing Like a Pro", "Ada")
  • Jeb Wallace (French horn)

Orchestration by Padma Newsome. Additional Arrangements by Aaron and Bryce Dessner

Further ReadingEdit Band Website

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