Boy is the debut studio album by the Irish rock band U2, released on 20 October 1980. It's an album in the genre post-punk focused youth and adolescence. It is a one piece album. Of this album are A Day Without Me and I Will Follow released as singles.


[hide]*1 History



The title and album cover of Boy were all created by Bono2 years earlier. The recording of the album were in the month of August of 1980 in the Windmill Lane Studios in Dublin completed, with Steve Lillywhite asPaul Thomas and producer as a sound engineer. The lp was mastered by John Dent in the Sound Clinic. The SPARS code for this album is AAD.

Steve Lillywhite was by U2 itself asked for the shooting because of the good mutual feelings and previous collaboration. Everyone who helped to the album was good in his sheet, leaving a plethora of ideas arose, such as the eccentric ' glass ' noises while I Will Follow .

Some songs (such as An Cat Dubh and The Ocean) were written in the studio while other numbers (such as Stories for boysOut of Control and Twilight) were previously conceived, performed live and released. The previously devised songs were worked out, leaving a lot of time on the guitar playing, the bass guitar and the drums was spent, and less to the texts. This did not yield any time problem on for writing the lyrics, because Bono the lyrics of the songs already devised rather at live performances of U2 already had sung, then always in different forms. The lyrics were often written down as the band members knew what emotionsthe songs would tend, on the basis of sound. The titles were mostly invented earlier than the lyrics.

During the shooting The Edge used his Gibson Explorer and black Fender Stratocaster. For A Day Without Me is a Memory Man echo effects pedal used. Most songs are on the pitch Es included because of Bono'svocals.


The LP in October 1980 was preceded by the single I Will Follow, which was a hit on college radio and thus for the introduction of Boy made.

Boy was on 20 October 1980 in the United Kingdom and Ireland released. While the album received much praise, it took until August 1981 before it reached its highest rated place in the UK charts, at number 52. This ' high ' listing was stimulated by a tour that went non-stop by and sudden publicity in that same month by a performance at the Rock-festival on the TyneBoy In Ireland was chosen Best Album, best Debut Album, Best Album cover and in the Hot Press Irish National Poll Results.

In March 1981, Boy in America released under the record label Warner/Elektra. Warner/Elektra replaced the picture of Peter Rowan for distorted photos of the band members because of potential American accusations of child pornography. Bono denounced this American narrow-mindedness, but neither he nor manager Paul Mcguinness could do something about it here because of the contract. The American Boy 'sreviews were often far besides. Bono is still the most amused with the review of the Reviewer of the New York's Greenwich Village, "he wrote about all kinds of fifths and nones in our music, and all sorts of unknownchords and keys. He does not realize that everything on Es voted was because of my voice. " The Boy took out Billboards Pop Albums in the 63rd place and the 107th place in The Billboard 200.

Compared to the then popular British rock bands such as The SmithsJoy DivisionBauhaus and Boy was an optimistic sounding plate, and she helped a rhythmic, guitar-led ' tunes rock ' in the alternative rock scene.

Another edition of Boy was the 12 "vinyl which was released in Japan , but after a few months off the shelves was extracted. It was Later released again under the Boy polystar record label. In Sweden became after the publication of the United Kingdom and Ireland a Boy in limited blue vinyl released, with identical covers and catalogue number as the UK version. Boy was re-released In several countries on april 5 "cd in 1995 as part of the Island Master series, with 42284229623 as barcode. There were a number of changes in this Edition for the album cover.


  1. I Will Follow -3: 36
  2. Twilight -4: 22
  3. An Cat Dubh -4: 47
  4. Into the Heart -3: 28
  5. Out of Control -4: 13
  6. Stories for Boys -3: 02
  7. The Ocean -1: 34
  8. A Day Without Me -3: 14
  9. Another Time, Another Place -4: 34
  10. The Electric Co. -4: 48
  11. Shadows and Tall Trees -4: 36

The numbers An Cat Dubh and Into the Heart walk into one another.

Alternative tracks[Edit]Edit

  1. An Cat Dubh -6: 21
  2. Into the Heart -1: 53
  3. Fire (Instrumental) -0: 30

On the North American version of Boy have An Cat Dubh and Into the Heart, which blend together, another time than the European: An Cat Dubh takes on this version 6: 21 minute and Into the Heart 1: 53. If you don't hear the difference when one plays these songs in a row, but the difference is intact when one puts the vinyl versions next to each other.

Some former vinyl versions contain a Boy 's 30 second instrumental number and occurs after Shadows and Tall Trees. It is thought that this is an earlier version of Fire , submitted by U2 's second album October.1989, dropped copies for this came on later releases of Boy.


From the band members their adolescence and aging, in which they were at that time, the youth themes confusion, desire, enthusiasm, hope, anger, loss, disappointment, blooming love and disillusion of the self-image in the lyrics of the album. Also the death of the mother of Bono (his 14th) incorporated in the texts and there are influences of Christianity.

In the text of I Will Follow is the death and the lack of the mother of Bono processed. In Twilight told Bono about the grey area of adolescence, with the young on one side and on the other hand the mature. With An Cat Dubh Bono recounts with regret a relation of him in a sexual way with another girl than Ali, when they were temporarily apart. In Out of Control told Bono about the ' crazy ' (or disturbed) are because of the thoughts that a teen has about life. In the text of Stories for Boys is the Central, that self-image in childhood by the band members of U2 (negative) was influenced by the media. The Ocean is a metaphor for the complete thought good of a teenager, from which it want to be a part of the celebrity and world idealist in the text is processed. In A Day Without Me is, in the wake of being a teenager, the perspective of suicide, the depressed (by internal and external factors) and the megalomaniac (feel special and therefore everything can) Central. Another Time, Another Place can be interpreted in two ways: on the one hand, it can be seen as the lyrics of the song the lost in the ' jungle ' of the suburbs of Dublin, while on the other hand, the text can be interpreted as travelling in a dream world to the beloved to be the person'sGodeither. With The Electric Co. Bono reflects the electroconvulsive therapy that was usual at that time in Ireland for the therapy of mental illnesses, and where also a distant knowledge of the band members of U2 got to do with it.Shadows and Tall Trees is a chapter from the book Lord of the Flies by William Golding from 1954, that Bono as a metaphor used to the situation what it is like to live in the suburbs of Dublin as a teenager.

Album Cover[Edit]Edit

The official album cover photographed by Hugo McGuiness and is designed by Steve Averill (a friend of Adam Clayton). They have in subsequent periods of U2 contributed to multiple album art. On the front is to seePeter "Radar" Rowan . He is the brother of Derek "Guggi" Rowan (of the post-punk band the Virgin Prunes), a friend of Bono. Also, Peter Rowan to be seen on the album covers of ThreeWarThe Best of 1980-1990, and Early Demos. Peter Rowan is depicted as an unkempt, innocent and shirtloze boy. Bono had the picture for the album cover for 2 years in his mind before the LP was issued. He found that happen to feel good when you go to the album cover looked.

In America and Canada was there an alternative album cover (often called "The Stretched Faces") is used for the publication of Boy, photographed by Sandy Porter. There are biased on this album cover photos of the band members used because Warner/Elektra was afraid that U2 would be accused of child pornography. This led to irritations at Bono, but neither he nor Paul Mcguinness could do something because of thecontract.

The album cover of the reissue of Boy in april 1995 a 5 "cd, as part of the Island Master series, underwent a number of changes: the paper got a better quality and on the inside there were additional photos from the inside of the original LP.





Year Chart Position
1981 UK Album chart 52
1981 Billboard Pop Albums 63
1984 The Billboard 200 107


Year Single Chart Position
1981 "I Will Follow" Billboard Mainstream Rock 20
1984 "I Will Follow" The Billboard Hot 100 81

In 2003, Boy at number 417 in the 500 greatest albums of all time by Rolling Stone magazine.


Organization Status Date
BPI – United Kingdom Gold 1 August1985
CRIA – Canada Gold 3 december1987
CRIA – Canada Platinum 3 december 1987
RIAA – America Gold 23 May1994
RIAA – America Platinum 11 september1995

Catalog information[Edit]Edit

12 "vinyl[Edit]Edit

  • America, Island, 90040-1 (1990)
  • America, Island, ILPS 9646
  • Argentina, 70023, TLP ( Island1987)
  • Argentina, Island, 842 296-1
  • L37517, Island, Australia
  • Brazil, Island, 202.913
  • Brazil, Island, 610.7089 (33.509) (1986)
  • 670.9052 (Brazil, Island,1989)
  • 9646 ISL, Island, Canada
  • Germany, Island, 202 913
  • Germany, Island, 202 913-320 (1989)
  • ILPS 9646, Island, Philippines
  • France, Island, 6313 105
  • Greece, Island/ EMI, VG 71409
  • Greece, Island/EMI,1985 (062-VG71409)
  • Greece, Island/ BMG, 71409
  • Ireland, CBS, 84658
  • Israel, Island, BAN 129646
  • ILPS 19646, Island, Italy
  • Japan, Island, 20S-77
  • Polystar, Japan, Island/25S-77
  • Japan, Island/polystar, R25D-2083 (1987)
  • Toshiba, Japan, Island/81395 (retired)
  • YugoslaviaJugoton, LSI 73202 Island/
  • LPR25027, Island, Mexico(1990)
  • Mexico, Island, LPR25027 (Brown vynil)
  • L37517, Island, New Zealand
  • Portugal, Island/ Dacapao, 10.202913.50
  • Portugal, Island/Dacapao, 202.913
  • Spain, Island, 1-202.913
  • Venezuela, Island, 7523
  • ILPS 9646, Island, United Kingdom
  • United Kingdom, Island, ILPM1995 (9646)
  • ILPC South Africa, Island, 29646
  • South Africa, Island ILPS, 29646
  • Sweden, Island/ILPS 9646 Tumba,
  • Sweden, Island/ILPS 9646 Syb-Tryk,
  • Sweden, Island, ILPS 9646 (blue vinyl-15 copies)

Compact cassette[Edit]Edit

  • America, Island, 7 90040-4
  • America, Island, A4-90040
  • America, Island, 422-842 296-4
  • Argentina, Island, 842 296-4 (67544)
  • Argentina, Island, TMS 70023
  • Australia, Island, 842 296-4
  • ISLC 9646, Island, Canada
  • Germany, Island, 402 913
  • Greece, Island/EMI, 262 VG 71409
  • Ireland, CBS, 40-84658
  • ILK719646, Island, Italy
  • Italy, Island, 402 913
  • Yugoslavia, Jugoton, Island/CAI9252
  • Mexico, Island, MCR 25027
  • Spain, Island, D-402913
  • ICT946, Island, United Kingdom
  • ICT946, Island, United Kingdom (1 + 1)
  • ICT946, Island, United Kingdom (1 + 1 cardboard box)
  • ZILP South Africa, Island, 29646
  • Sweden, Island, ZCI 9646

5 "cd[Edit]Edit

  • America, Island, 90040-2 (Digi-pack)
  • America, Island/BMG, 90040-7 2
  • America, Island, 422-842 296-2
  • Australia, Island/ Festival, D37517
  • N. Brazil, Island, 842.296-2
  • CID110, Island, Canada
  • 90040, Island, Canada 7-2
  • Germany, Island, 610 561
  • France, Island, 842 296-2
  • 9646, Island, Italy CDICD
  • Japan, Island/polystar, P33D-20020
  • Japan, Island/polystar, P24D-10048
  • Japan, Island/ Phonogram, PHCR-1701
  • Japan, Island/Phonogram, PHCR-4701 (1995)
  • Japan, Island/Phonogram,1998 (PHCR-4833)
  • Japan, Island/ UniversalUICY 2355 (2002 ,)
  • Universal Japan UICY, Island/Italy (2004 ,)
  • Mexico, Island, 422-842 296-2 3
  • CID110, Island, United Kingdom
  • United Kingdom, Island, IMCD211/842 296-2
  • South Africa, Island, MMTCD 1938


  • Boy is the only album that all songs (both each album number as every b-side) are at least once played live .
  • In an interview around the release of Boy told Bono that U2 was destined to be one of the largest groups in the world. The paradoxical to this statement is that he was received with disdain, but in the end what turned out to be.

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