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Bran Barr is a Celtic metal group. Its music is a mix of heavy metal and [[Celtic musi influences, notably through the experimental use of traditional instruments, like the bagpipes and tin whistle).

The lyrics of their songs are inspired by Celtic legends and the name of the band itself is derived from words of Gaul. Bran translates to raven and barr translates to mountain or obstacle.

Bran Barr was created in 1994 by Aed Morban (drums) with [[Yolta (vocals and piano) and Morrigan (guitar). [[Brennu (guitar) and [[Fir'Doirtch (bass guitar) joined the group in 1996. When Morrigan left the group, [[Fir'Doirtch took over as second guitar.

In 1998, Taliesen (bass) and Amorgen (flute & whistles) completed the formation of the group. The addition of traditional Celtic instruments, replacing the piano, allowed the group to develop its characteristic folk style, an important objective of the group from the beginning of its formation.

Nesh Keltorn later replaced [[Brennu, and at the departure of Taliesen in 2001, [[Hade joined the group as bassist. Kraban joined in 2003 as second flutist, and in 2005, [[Fir'Doirtch left and was replaced on guitar by [[Lly. The group is currently recording its second album.



  • [[Les Chroniques De Naergs:Bran Barr|Les Chroniques De Naerg
  • Sidh



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