Artist: P:ano

Date Released: April 5, 2005

Label: Mint

Produced By:


  1. Covered Wagons
  2. Supermarket One
  3. Leave Me with the Boy
  4. He Will Come Back to Me
  5. The Rescuer
  6. Heavens
  7. Storm the Gates
  8. The Snow
  9. You the Widow
  10. Pure Evil
  11. Georgey the Honey
  12. The Monster Mash
  13. Dark Hills
  14. Sweet Sweets
  15. Somebody Get Me Annette
  16. Ghost Pirates
  17. Loght O' Love
  18. Candy is Nice
  19. Clapping Hands
  20. Oc
  21. The Cameron
  22. The True Light


Hailing from the great utopia of artistic freedom and upbeat chamber pop we Americans call Vancouver, P:ano return for their third full length and their musical styling have headed in a different direction. Mainly they’ve upped the tempo from the Low-ish somber tone to an Of Montreal-like pop playhouse. Everybody sings and everybody plays at least two different instruments, and most importantly, they seem to have very good chemistry, playing off each other. A lot of it resembles the lo-fi pop tone of Elephant 6 and really has that Canadian vibe, you know, marijuana and hot chocolate. Most songs are in the two and half minute range, remniscent of The Hidden Cameras and Olivia Tremor Control. Michael Ardaiolo

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