Broadsword and the Beast is an album by the British progressive rock band Jethro Tull, released in 1982.

This album is musically a mix between hard rock, electronic rock of Jethro Tull and A folk rock trilogy (Songs From The WoodHeavy Horses and Stormwatch).

The tour for Broadsword was the last extraordinary theatrical concert series of Jethro Tull. Anderson: So went the Broadsword tour of 1982 when, for the last time, Tull ventured out on a Spinal Tap tour or full production theatrical absurdity. While Anderson ran with a monster number Beastie with roodoplichtende eyes on his neck around.The stage looked like a Viking ship, and Anderson Haley during the song Broadsword the ropes of the mast by making this collapsed.

The Runic symbols around the edge of the cover are from the Cirth Rune system used by j.r.r. Tolkien in The Lord of The Rings. The words are, however, English: the opening sentences of BroadswordI see a dark sail on the horizon, set under a black cloud that hides the sun. Bring me my broadsword and clear understanding. Bring me my cross of gold as a talisman.

Cheerio, the final track of the original edition was played many years at the end of a concert.

Because of many Germanic-related numbers, this is one of the best-selling albums of Jethro Tull in Germany and Scandinavia.

Ian Anderson on[Edit]Edit

  • Beastie: "everyone has a kind of fear where we'd rather not talk about it, and this song is about those fears. When I was a child and grew up in Scotland we called everything was dirty and we didn't like a ' beastie '. "
  • The Clasp: "a song about people who are fearful for physical contact. The word ' clasp ' is used in the sense of ' shake hands ', and the song explores some ideas and attitudes behind the embrace of the shaken hands. And wouldn't it be funny and even a little helpful to to a completely strange to run and to give him the hand and say, "Hello, how are you, nice to meet you."Ironically, handshaking is very often a forced gesture, far removed from its origins that actually a way of demonstrating was that you had no weapon in your hand where you showed the open hand as a sign of peace. "
  • Fallen On Hard Times: "this song is not intended as a political statement, but merely shows the disillusionment that most people sometimes feel about our political masters. The melody is in essence a Scottish folk melody, but it got a slight funky rock 'n' roll treatment to give it a light-hearted feel. "
  • Flying Colours: "this song came after seeing some couples who got a setback in their relationship, and enjoyment of the public encountered each other's weaknesses. I'm sure we encounter them all in social occasions; they enjoy the digging for the outside world. "
  • Slow Marching Band: "I write little songs about human relationships in the boy-girl context, but this is a about the sadness of parting. But I hope it contains a hint of optimism! "
  • Broadsword: "Set in historical times, lyrically as musical, this song is about a man's responsibility to protect his family."
  • Pussy Willow: "a song about a girl with a thankless job that fantasises about a more romantic, ideal sort of existence, but they still have to face the reality and take the train to work in the morning."
  • Watching Me Watching You: "the dilemma of people in public! A song about the claustrophobic feeling continuously to be watched. "
  • Seal Driver: "this song is carefully ambiguous. It would be about a boat can go, or it can be about a girl, but because ships and boats are always feminine, it looks like a nice appropriate analogy. "
  • Cheerio: "a concluding song-perhaps ' au revoir ' or ' auf wiedersehen ' also can fit!"


  1. Beastie
  2. Clasp
  3. Fallen On Hard Times
  4. Flying Colours
  5. Slow Marching Band
  6. Broadsword
  7. Pussy Willow
  8. Watching Me Watching You
  9. Seal Driver
  10. Cheerio
  11. Jack Frost And The Hooded Crow ¹
  12. Jack-A-Lynn ¹
  13. Mayhem Maybe ¹
  14. Too Many Too ¹
  15. Overhang ¹
  16. Rhythm In Gold ¹
  17. I Am Your Gun ¹
  18. Down At The End Of Your Road ¹

¹ Bonus numbers on the Digital ' Remastered ' version.

Line up[Edit]Edit

  • Ian Anderson (vocals, flute, acoustic guitar)
  • Martin Barre (electric guitar, acoustic guitar)
  • David Pegg (bass, mandolin, vocals)
  • Peter-John Vettese (piano, synthesizers, vocals)
  • Gerry Conway (drums, percussion)

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