Brother Firetribe is an album Oriented Rock band formed in 2002 in Finland. They describe their music as easy going rock. The band was originally called False Metal, but they changed their name to Brother Firetribe; however, their first album is called False Metal.

They take their name from an in-joke as a perfect description for their music is ‘tennis heavy’ and the name of a well known Finnish tennis player Veli Paloheimo translates into English as ‘Brother Firetribe’. The album title False Metal comes from a slogan coined by heavy metal group Manowar, ‘Death to False Metal’. It was Rereleased in 2008 as Break Out.

They released their first album on Spinefarm Records on June 7, 2006. Their next album, Heart Full Of Fire, was released on 2008-04-17 in Finland.

Members Edit

Discography Edit

Albums Edit

Singles Edit

  • One Single Breath (2006)
  • I’m on Fire (2006)
  • I Am Rock (2007)
  • Runaways (2008)

EP's Edit

  • Heart Full of Fire... and Then Some (2008)

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